Win-/Lose stats for civs/maps

It would be great if we could see in our ingame profile also our winrate with certain civs (overall), winrate on a certain maps (overall) and also these two factors combined: winrate on a certain map with a certain civ. This could be also devided into 1x1 and teamgames :slight_smile: This should actually be easy to programme, right?

What do you think about this? I think it would be really interesting!

Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s you?
In this site you can check your winrates by civ and by map.

But I agree that ingame info would be nice too!

this is false anyway… since it only includes x number of games its not your career history…

If you played games recently and click “update profile” it should show the majority of your games, better than nothing.

it doesnt show your career history… for mine its showing 100% win rates and only having used goths twice for example, when ive used goths tons just not recently…

ie not only is it not in game, its giving predominantly misleading info with no time frame indication except “recent” aka its false

Well for me it’s showing ~85% of my games and saying it “ignores games without result”. And judging by the amount of disconnects I experience (about ~15-20%) I think overall it’s showing pretty much all my games.

Are you clicking to switching between the “1v1” and “Team” tabs?!

If yes maybe your profile is bugged. (Or you didn’t click the “update profile” button as I said.)

Hey mate, thanks for this site - it is actually pretty cool. But to have this ingame with all date would be even better - and like i said: implementing this shouldn’t be very complicated