Win10 Laptop AoEDE runs on external display but not laptop display

Game Version: STEAM

  • Build ((28529))


Game runs normally when running on my 4K TV (I did attempt to lower the resolution before switching back over to the laptop display) but the game simply has a black screen and crashes after a few seconds with nothing else popping up.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Launch the game on laptop display.
  2. Watch it do absolutely nothing and crash.

Steps taken:

  • I am not running antivirus
  • Firewall settings are set to full permissions.
  • Attempted to force game to use GTX1650 via context menu.
  • Ran game on TV, set resolution to 1080p and attempted to run it on laptop display.
  • Tried all the fixes for the game.
  • Installed on secondary drive during one of several reinstalls.
  • Runs perfectly on an external display.
  • Cannot disable nVidia Optimus
  • Verified that Win10 and GPU Drivers etc are all up to date.

Running: ROG STRIX III Laptop with
GTX 1650
16GB of RAM

Here are some relevant logs and my dxdiag:!AsxXzgCNdZ-Zn9kEO9ZqL6oCOphgZg

BTW, your mobile version of this site is kind of… completely unusable for all but just basic browsing.