Windows 10

Hi everyone, I have the original game on disc but it won’t work with Windows 10. I’ve tried everything, tips that the internet has provided. I just want to play Age of empires 2 on my laptop. Any other suggestions? Thank you

You are speaking about the game that is released in 1999 and not about DE?

He did say original game.

Sorry didn’t know there was also the DE version, but yes the one from 1999 original

I just found this thread. It might be helpful to you.

I think if you right click on the game icon, the menu should give you the option to solve compatibility problems. You will be given the option to choose what OS the game will “use” so just click on Windows XP to be safe and it should work just fine.

Hello @realBenessi,
maybe the thread from @InkaPanzer (“Install original version in win10”) could help you with your problem. We found different ways to get it working.

He has also made a great website (but in Spanish).

Hi, I can play AOE3 classic on W10, but I don’t think AOE2 will work. After all, the game was released in late '90s, so it’s only compatible with hardware in the late '90s. (and early 2000s) I’m sure AOE2 DE would work on your laptop, depending upon what specs you have in it…

It works perfect!! I have the original AOE2 running in my new Ci5 with Nvidia graphics using W10 with no problems!
I bought too the new AOE2DE and both can be installed in the same computer with no issues, differents paths for both so you can keep both versions.