Windows 11 and its interaction with Age games

Although not entirely confident, but it is possible that windows 11 and Age4 are released close. So is Microsoft developing and optimising Age4 wrt the new OS? What about other Age games?

There is an event this coming Thursday at 11am EDT to presumably talk about Windows 11, so we should know more after the event.


Windows 11??? But Windows 10 is supposed to be the last Windows release.

Finally they build a Windows Wololo version.

Actually it’s also called Windows X and you could say that Windows XI still got that X.

Promises are too easily broken these days, as marketing is too.

Didn’t they say no more DLCs and expansions after DE too?

But Windows 10 works! That’s all operating systems have to do, work.

I think we’ll all hoping the changes in Windows 11 will be minor surface level stuff which won’t break any compatibility.


Congratulations on your first typo, @anon63664082, up until now I thought you were a bot.

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