Windows 11 has moved AoE from the Store to the Xbox app -- NO

Windows 11 has moved AoE from the Microsoft Store app to the Xbox app – Please undo this!

The Xbox app does not appear to have the ability to show that an update is available, nor the ability to track software dependencies.

I downloaded the new expansion pack from the Xbox app, and AoE II DE became hosed. I tried several things to fix this, but none worked. I ended up having to delete AoE II DE, and then re-download AoE II DE, the enhanced graphics pack, and the two expansions – that is about a 30GB download I should not have had to do. Then the Microsoft Store had to download some dependent items.

Just leave AoE in the Store!

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Windows 11 isnt out yet? There is some leaked version on the web, but that is all we know about this?

No matter what (Microsoft store or Xbox app), both will be inferior to buying the game at Steam.


Windows 11 has been available in the Insider Preview program for more than a month. Insiders are asked to provide feedback and bug reports. My feedback: “Just leave AoE in the Microsoft Store; don’t move it to the Xbox app.”

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