Windows fresh install, aoe won't run

I reinstalled Windows 10 with version 2004.
Plain windows, no antivirus, just steam, msoffice, ultravnc and google chrome.
Fully updated windows and drivers.
When I launch steam aoede, appear aoede splash screen and it just close, no error message.

Did you install graphic card drivers?

yes. windows did it, like it did before.
double checked.
aom worked, worms wmd worked.
aoede didn’t.

just did it again.
deleted all windows positions.
installed windows 10 2004, iso from windows site.
installed all windows updates, video drivers was installed by it.
installed steam.
installed aoede from steam.
won’t run, just open splash screen and closes.
this time there was no other software, not even chrome.

No no. Didn’t fix.
By replacing the previous working nvidia driver 353 by the latest 425 in windows 10 2004 the game opens and run, but crash ingame, couldn’t play a single match yet.

You have to install latest drivers for your corresponding graphic card drivers from NVIDIA’s website.

Pick game ready drivers.

Windows default drivers are too old. My current driver version is 451.67

The nvidia 425.31 was selected by nvidia site for GT 750M.

Did try 451.67 but during install it said incompatible hardware.

I restored partition backup that I made before deleting it, it’s Windows 10 1909 with nvidia driver 372.70. It just works, play for hours with no crash. This means that the hardware is fine.
Driver 425.31 also works on old install.

Looks like something missing in clean windows install, that neither windows neither the game install.

I don’t know what is missing to get it working in a clean windows install.

Reinstalled windows 10 2004 again.
Nvidia driver 425.31 (latest available for gt750m)

It run, but randomly crash.

<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Application Error" /> 
<EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID> 
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2020-07-22T23:07:31.6233064Z" /> 
<Correlation /> 
<Execution ProcessID="0" ThreadID="0" /> 
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Is it compatible with the Win 10 / 2004 version?

I did a clean install with Windows 10 1909.
It’s working with no crash so far.