Windows Taskbar doesnt work with Windowed Mode

As you can see the bottom of the screen/game is covered by the windows taskbar. its not possible to play the game in windowed mode since it goes all the way down instead of stoping right above the taskbar. i reported this in the beta already and nothing happend…

Hey @Boonwin! This isn’t something I see on Win 10 (looks like you are on 11). Have you seen this on Win 10 as well? What resolution are you running at? Do you have multiple monitors?

I have a 49" ultra wide screen and windows 11.
I just like to have the game in the middle of the screen and still be able to use other programs like stream labs, spotify, left and right so i have to play in windowed mode.

Thank you @Boonwin! That’s helpful information. I’ll get this over so we can investigate.

I had this as well after an windows 11 update.

Re- optemalizing the screen in your computer settings fixed the issue for me.

How did you do that?

I had this problem also during beta, so i don’t think it’s from and update. On Reddit somebody told me to use Nvidia system panel or whatever it’s called and remove the top 8 pixel of the window.

I will check on my PC again tomorrow. (I’m at work at the moment)

Mine came from a Windows update. I played AoE IV without issues for about 6 weeks, and after an update on windows and restart of my pc, it showed up.

I thought at first it was because i play on a brand new gaming beast desktop with a 12 year old monitor attached to it. But i was able to get it away after plowing through monitor settings for 15 minutes.

I’ll get back to you with hopefully the solution for the problem.

Hej @Boonwin ,

As promised, I looked it up again and I believe I did the following things:

Go to your system settings, display, advanced display

  • display adapter properties for display 1
  • go to the tab ‘monitor’
  • select properties
  • go to tab ‘driver’
  • Update driver.

close the window from where you updated so you are back at your:

  • display adapter properties for display 1
  • go to tab ‘colour management’
  • go to tab ‘advanced’
  • Calibrate display.

I am 99% sure, this was what I did to solve the problem.

Let me know if it worked.

(PS: all this in combination with the following step I found on a forum:

Hello, I found a temporary solution that I have been using for a while. I found this program called Hide Taskbar that just removes the taskbar when you use ctrl+ esc. It has been very useful and solved most of my problems. The only thing is that you have to do it manually, but it works. I suggest giving it a try, I have windows 10.


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Thanks for checking but under Windows 11 you dont have “Tabs” anymore. I litteraly have none of those options :confused:
If i search for calibrate display, the only thing i can calibrate is the color for fonts.

Mate, i have Windows 11. :sunglasses:
I made this list following the things i did in my settings (W11}

I will (again tomorrow) screenshot the staps for you.
(Once again, just arrived at work)

yeah but you can just press windows key and write calibrate window and then you do the same thing, but this just sets up the clearTyle font optimization :slight_smile: during this process you can change the resolution to something windows likes but that is way smaler then my 49" monitor uses and everything else looks dull.

I also removed the taskbar via regedit or one could just kill the explorer with console but still the title makes the window too big and you cant scroll down. you have 1440 pixel in hight and the title is added to this hight in windowed mode so basically nothing except changing the code would help, well according to reddit i can somehow use nvidia experience ot system manager ( i dont know yet) to “virutally” change the window size to my needs.

from my point of view, if aoe is written in c# or anything .net related, it would work if in window mode the actually remove the titlebar something like


But i doubt its made in forms :smiley: if its made in unity maybe this might work:

SetWindowPos(hWnd, HWND_TOPMOST, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOSIZE | SWP_SHOWWINDOW); //Make the window render above toolbar;

Well I dont know :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I have the exact same problem, I manage to remove the title bar with some windows script BUT, there is still a thin border making the bottom unreachable, thus you can’t move down ingame.