Wineyards for teutons

Since burgundians so broken and need nerf, i think giving wineyards to teutons will be good buff for teutons and good nerf for burgundians.
Burgundians have:
-Good eco bonus
-Cheap stable techs
-Earl cav upgrade
-flemish revelution which give 100+ troops, so giving them extra gold is making them broken. On the other hand

Teutons have:

  • Good farm discound but adventage of that hit mid and late game
  • Good paladins but no husbundry
  • No fu skirmisher and scout
  • Expensive, slow and very situational uu
    Teutons have very open tech tree and good units but gold heavy so i think removing fr from burgundians and giving them to teutons will be goo balance change.
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This is one of the most strange threads I’ve ever seen.

No. This idea is not good.


Yeah lets give the civ with some of the best paladins in the game and cheap farms saving tons of wood the ability for those farms to generate gold.

Especially given how good teuton siege is?

No thanks.

Btw the data doesnt currently support Burgundians being broken. They are strong, but broken? Whats your data on this


anyone can make bullet points to drive a case. Here let me do the opposite of what you did:

Teutons have:

  • cheap farms (allows to boom AND make army, OP!)
  • access to Bloodlines
  • late PALADIN upgrade
  • wide tech tree late game including Handcannons, stellar infantry, stellar Siege and OK cavalry

Burgundians have:

  • average techs that help you but don’t create immediate advantage
  • good Paladins but no Bloodlines
  • no fu skirmisher and scou
  • expensive, slow to get going UT that takes 160+ vills to be viable

See what I did there? Teutons are fine and so are Burgundians.


Just what do you consider “mid game”?
The Teuton bonus is incredible right from the start of when you’re building farms, and even before that if it enables you to delay Horse Collar.


I like how to present Frank no need any nerf using this way previously

Teutons are dependent on gold, and as a ‘compromise’ they get lots of very strong late game options. Giving them vineyards would negate part of the trick to beating Teutons - by keeping them off gold or making them waste gold units to trash. So no, its a bad idea.

A post that suggest to buff Teutons, I wonder what can I tell you honestly.

I’d rather see people suggesting Buff Teutons over your nerfing of Sicilians, and i am heavily against the OPs idea. which should show you just how bad your nerfing of sicilians is.


Hello Equalizer, I wonder how feels to suggest the same thing here and on aoezone and reddit lol