Winning game but recorded as lost on ladder and lost elo

As you can see, my recent game was winning on Mongolian Heights. However, it is recorded as lost on ladder system, on AoE4 Leaderboard app it shows I lost 21 elo for that game.

I noticed some of my other games I won but marked as lose and one game I lost marked as win when using the AoE4 Leadrboard app recent matches function. The Boulder Bay game on 2022-01-04 I won, but shown as lost ,The Confluence game on 2022-01-04 I lost, but shown as won on the app.

I don’t think it is the bug for the app, as I remember I was ranked #26 before last two games, and dropped to #39 after, and I don’t think I close to losing 20 games total.

Yes, so there is a bug game result is not correctly recorded. You could won a game but the elo system recorded it as lost. I wonder if it related someone used sync cheat too( The one on Hill and Dale someone used it).

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Just been looking in to you in game and on websites and I can’t figure it out either. I never play team games. Did you survive until the end of that 3v3? Idk if you still gain elo if your team is victorious but you are destroyed before game ends?

Your opponent’s elo went up after that game despite him being on the losing side.

EDIT: Well his ‘team rating’ did which may be the average of everyone in his team? I don’t understand team games/team elo at all.

Yeah I think I was maybe interpreting “team rating” wrong there because looking at another of your opponents who has not done another 3v3 since this game his 3v3 rating did go down after losing to you there.

Looks like there is a delay on update. I gain elo from that game, but “only” lost 21 elo to the game before where someone on the other team sync cheat.

Still cant explain those elo error on 01-04 tho.

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