Winning the third scenario in the Tamerlane Campaign

I am trying to work on the third scenario of the Tamerlane campaign in AoEII: DE, but it’s hard to win when one of my enemies is building a wonder and with many other enemies. How do I win this campaign? I am trying to complete it, but I don’t know what I need to do to win that. I’ve received reinforcements from the southern part of the map, but it’s hard to do anything with them. What do I do?

You start with a huge stockpile of res, so the main difficulty is to spend those res as fast as possible and get a castle up somewhat early to bait the sizeable enemy armies into.
Build 2 TCs (one on gold, one on stone), a blacksmith and lots of houses immediatly. Send about 5 vills to stone and the rest to wood. Research bodkin arrow and cav armor in your blacksmith.
Once you get to 275 wood, get a third TC on the hunt/fish towards the middle. Get your castle up and send 1k wood to the bulgarians. Now start to mass CA and lcav. Dont go too aggressive for trading posts until your castle is up, just kill the few that arn’t protected.
Once you get your reinforcments (which are pointless apart from the trebs), make sure you get all the upgrades if you havn’t yet (blacksmith, ballistics, husbandry, UT in castle) and unite your armies. Dont move the new army yet, keep them in the corner until your main army arrives. You can safely get there via the top right corner (and not via red base).

You now have an army that is easily big enough to wreck anything, an economy that can replace whatever losses you take immediatly and siege to take down whatever you want. Just make sure to not lose your trebs, as the game gets hard if you have to use rams against castles.

Moving the Timurid reinforcements from the Caucasus to my base is what’s difficult for me, as well as having to deal with Tokhatamish building a Wonder is difficult enough.

Dont move the trebs to your base, move your army to the trebs and kill everything.

Usually in Campaigns, the AI doesn’t switch up its unit composition. It just keeps making the same stuff over and over. So take a good note of what units the AI is working with and use the appropriate counter units!

If you still struggle, then just do a diversion attack. Attack your enemy with a small group of light cav, get the enemy to start chasing you, roll in with some siege and take out production buildings.

Don’t let the wonder pressure you. Usually, in general when an AI build a wonder in the campaigns, they build it with very few vills, if not even 1, even on hard. That’s for giving you the time to respond. And after that, they have another timer, so really it’s just to put psychological pressure on you.

So after building your base, try to focus on the secondary objectives, when you build up your eco and army.

When your south army arrives, do a pincers move (your need to train siege for sieging the north) on red, so he is forced to split his forces. If your south army dies, don’t worry, just try to take out as many military and defensive buildings as you can with it, then keep going with your main army.

When you killed red, and completed the secondary objectives, go for the wonder. With tartars trebs, you should be able to be in range soon enough, without having to kill all the rest of the enemy base before.

Attack aggresively as possible. You have a starting advantage and should use it to win. The Wonder will take some time to be completed, so you have enough time to win.

Make use of the hunt and fishes. Do the optional missions, that might help you get extra Konnik reinforcements. You’ll find two places to destroy buildings for additional food. This will help you get a lot of army and upgrades. And if you scout around you’ll find another ally somewhere in the southwest. When playing for the first time it can be hard.