Wins counting as losses in ranked

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  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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Before yesterday i was 12-1 in ranked treaty games. Yesterday i played 2 games: 1 2v2 which we won after around an hour and a 3v3 where the enemy resigned during treaty time. A few hours later (because the games weren’t registered right away) i was expecting a 14-1 score… but the score is 13-2

so one of the games, i expect the 3v3 was rated as a loss.

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Not sure if reproducable

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Expected result was that i get 2 W for my 2 W

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I got 1 L for one of my W

anyone encountered that before? Its hard to reproduce and stuff because the games were not recorded. Ingame name: Logan_AUT


Not sure about why it occurs but can confirm this has happened at least two times for me with 72 rated games played.

This just happened to me today. Played my first ranked treaty game since DE was released. I had no other games on record, so the error is pretty obvious, and rather frustrating. If this is a common issue I might not bother with ranked anymore; if the ranks aren’t accurate what’s the point?

It is a common issue indeed, don’t bother with ranked treaty until it’s fixed.
Ranked standard supremacy works fine though.