Wins counting as losses in ranked

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  • OS: Windows 10

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Before yesterday i was 12-1 in ranked treaty games. Yesterday i played 2 games: 1 2v2 which we won after around an hour and a 3v3 where the enemy resigned during treaty time. A few hours later (because the games weren’t registered right away) i was expecting a 14-1 score… but the score is 13-2

so one of the games, i expect the 3v3 was rated as a loss.

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Not sure if reproducable

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Expected result was that i get 2 W for my 2 W

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I got 1 L for one of my W

anyone encountered that before? Its hard to reproduce and stuff because the games were not recorded. Ingame name: Logan_AUT

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Not sure about why it occurs but can confirm this has happened at least two times for me with 72 rated games played.