Winter Mod keep downloading even if disabled? Unable to go to Multiplayer - Now with Solution

The Winter Mod (Idk about other mods) is bugging the Multiplayer interface, I’ve already have the mod installed and even restarted multiple times but no avail to play multiplayer.

P.S. Will try to unsubscribe from it. Now multiplayer is working, confirmed Winter Mod is bugged.

It’s not the mod, it’s the game.

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This is a general (critital) bug affecting all mods ever since release. Whenever a mod gets updated, it causes players with that mod installed to fall into a loop where the game always redownloads said mod upon launch and disables Multiplayer entirely. This is true even if the player has said mod disabled; it can only be fixed by uninstalling the mod completely and restarting game again.


Yes that’s what I did. Hopefully this bug is part of high priority list to fix.


It’s clearly not high priority but if more people post about it then it will hopefully be fixed!