Witch of those you would like to see implemented first?

Witch of these features you would like to see implemented first?

  • Option to limit the maximum age of a match;
  • Handicap (percentage, positive or negative) for AI/Player, as in Age 3;
  • The addition of some sort of reaction to workers when attacked, which could be fleeing, seeking shelter or fighting;
  • New trees should appear and grow slowly, always keeping a minimum distance from buildings;
  • Wild animals should reproduce slowly;

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Thank you

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Being able to set workers to auto flee to a designated location / building would be pretty nice. If not a designated location then perhaps a tower thats within range.

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I agree. It would be nice if the workers could auto flee to te nearest tower, as they do when you hit the ā€œGā€ key.

I think all your suggestions are very good. Hopefully they will all be implemented one day.

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