With two new biomes coming, please add new animals as well

So, there needs to be new animals added because there should be a diverse array of animals in AoE4. In fact, for both African biomes, the Saharan Desert and Savannah, the wolf, dear, and sheep can be replaced by the hyena, gazelle, and goat respectively while the boar replacements can consist of both, the Bushpig and the Warthog. The gazelle can have a 50% chance to replace the deer on the Mediterranean biome. As for the lion, it can have a chance to either completely and partially replace the wolf on the African and Mediterranean biomes. The Tiger can be having a chance to either completely or partially replace the wolf on the Asian biomes.



That would be nice addition but I also want to see a random biome option in custom lobbies because to always have to choose one manually is annoying :slight_smile:


Honestly, a random biome option isn’t a bad idea. I agree that it should be added.


I’d love a bird casually coming right up the camera screaming! Honestly! :laughing:


Khan should get a new ability to send his bird to the opponent’s camera, screaming at it and blocking it for 5 seconds, removing the opponent player’s vision during the duration. :slight_smile:


A defining staple of AoE before IV came along. Sad that they are missing. Birds are part of the AoE charm.

Biomes could be so much more cooler and immersive if the game had more flora and fauna. This is one of the areas where IV took a huge step back. Granted, it’s hard to top AoE3 here but at least have more than AoE2.


There are birds on top of fish lol.

But yeah there needs to be a variety of animals.

The only tricky one is the Boar because Muslims civ can’t eat it so it can only be replaced by an animal in the same family.

I like all of OP suggestions of animals. Except that i would NOT put any randomness to keep it consistent and clear within a biome.

If they put lion then it should always be lion on african biome.

They should add more animals to every biome even if it is only for custom matches

Also do we have birds randomly flying around?