Wololo 5 Announcement?

A lot of people are theorizing we might see more Aoe IV content at the upcoming Wololo 5 event.
Some of the promotional material seems to point to it (such as the golden ghost effect they have on the Heidelberg Palace).

Regardless, we should find out anywhere between the 13th-19th.
This topic is intended to be a place to discuss what is presented IF the rumours are true.


I hope we do but I’m expecting yet again more disappointment. I don’t know about you guys but I’m visiting less and less these forums because there is nothing to talk about anymore due to the lack of news.

I’m still excited to play this and I’ve pre ordered the game but I cannot lie that I start to become more excited for other games right now…


Possibly more hints…


Day 1


Nope, will only be a talk about aoe2.
Prety much it.

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ehh the event goes on till the 19th so I will wait.

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Thanks for sharing either way!


I also think there might be some news as we are still missing the Mongol Campaign as well as the style of writing in the trailer is also the same style that AoE4 uses. So let’s hope that we will get some updates regarding AoE4 at the end if the tournament.

LO and behold we have news!

An officially casted match of aoe IV :wink:

This might be the clearest representation of the game we get yet.