Wololo Lightning Mod 😍

I was intrigued by the reward for completing the final challenge Wololo
in the ongoing Return of Rome series of challenges.

After doing a mini-grind over the past week,
i finally unlocked the Wololo Lightning mod! :tada:

Here is a clip of it in action… :sunglasses:


Still 7 days left to get this mod by completing the Return of Rome series of challenges.

Note: Only 1 challenge can be completed per day,
So one needs 5 days atleast. Plan accordingly. GLHF. :+1:


Now this

This is cool

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It’s pretty cool indeed, though it got very quickly very distracting if you’re making many monks and conversions.

I also liked the other mod this time that turns your Crossbows into trees similar to the Mirage Tanks from Red Alert 2 (apparently that’s a cheat mod for AoE1?), but then it started distracting me in real games because I couldn’t always immediately find the Crossbows, and it also got distracting when they start firing, as they lose the ‘mirage’ while firing and regain it after. So it’s a lot of ‘flickering’ in a sense.


Takes me back to picking Zeus in AoM.