Wololooo is too weak

The monk mass conversion mechanic is too weak. And this is the case given how easily a small mass of range units can one shot the monk AND at a range beyond the conversion circle.

My suggestion to improve this mech is to give any monk that hold a relic in hand some serious range armor such that it would require 2 maybe 3?!! Volleys of decent size range mass to eliminate the monk.

The ability to one shot the monk and out range the conversion circle really negates the use of the mech EVEN just for a forced enemy retreat.

If the monk holding the relic took 2 or even 3 Volleys to die the enemy would have to quickly and correctly make the decision to retreat or stand their ground and shoot the monk down.

Lastly given the monk carrying the relic a strong temporary range armor would NOT protect the monk from melee dmg which can continue to be a swift execution since there is an inherent risk involved.

I suggest the monk get 10 range armor while holding a relic. I don’t know the right number of armor needed but I like the idea of a mass of 20 archers taking 3 Volleys to snipe the monk. And if the conversion time is faster than 3 archer Volleys then extend conversion time.

Scenario: monk with relic dives for the mass fight. Ideally to optimize conversion rate the monk would que the mech right after archers fired. The opposing faction would have to make that split decision to move out the circle or attempt to shoot the 3 times to kill the monk in time OR attempt both (archers shoot monk while melee forces retreat).

IMO this would make monk relic conversion more versatile and viable on the battlefield.

Also consider the number of strategies that would open up if one faction had 2 or even 3 monk+ relics in their army mass. The opposing army would have to act accordingly in anticipation of the conversion nukes. Just holding the relic would force opposing armies to flinch.

Lastly still allow mags and bombards to one shot monks with a relic in hand.

I like it how it is now. Takes some craftiness to gain from it. Hello - Rus warrior monk in the enemy woodline during a skirmish elsewhere. It’s pretty game-changing to get a good one so I would prefer it to be challenging to pull off.


My suggestion is to strengthen abbasid :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Agree that it’s much to weak, but think rather than change the unit, it should take maybe 1 or two seconds less to get a conversion!

At first I was opposed to the mechanic, I now find it tolerable. Please do not make it stronger, as above it has its uses and should not become the spearhead of an army. I would rather it be removed than this.

Such a high variance mechanic is not good for a competitive game. Sure go wild in custom and mod your monk into a warhammer chapelin with extreme powers, but not in the standard mode.


Wololooo is too strong, we need to nerf it.

People just build a ball of wololooo and convert all the people army .

give the monk immortality by casting the wololo. full stop.

give monk move (even slow) + give ability to cancel convert

anyway, even with fixes it wont be as fun as aoe2 monks.

It is not “strong” it’s unbalanced.
Noobs easily get caught, and higher rated players never…

I think it’s good where it is. Something I’ve noticed with wololo after suddenly getting a few after 0 in 100+ games is that you’re rewarded for attempting them more. Have to risk it for the reward. Rus warrior monks also help.

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Funny you mention the Rus which have faster movement speed AND faster conversion rate (bug) AND can make the converting monk MOVE while performing the action (BUG)… I’m sure you’re having fun with Rus…

The other civs might want to make this mechanic useful. Also they can shrink the conversion radius to compensate for the faster conversion I suggested.

Anyone ever saw 2 warrior monks doing a simultaneous conversion from 2 sides ?
With those stealth forests, imho we have not seen the full potential of this mechanic yet.

It takes quite a lot to pull it off though and I am not sure if it is worth it over just having the relics for the eco buffs they give.

I personally prefer the AoE2 conversion mechanic.