Wonder is 2 expensive

I want wonders to be less expensive.

Wonder has always been this expensive in the AoE games. It is not meant to be the very viable route to victory, as otherwise, it would be too easy to just fortify and wait for victory. It is just meant as another possible way to achieve victory. Conquest has always been to direct way.

at the release it cost 3000 3000 3000 3000 so it has been cheaper in this version (aoe4), to cheap i agree but 6000 6000 6000 6000 is to much i like to play ass English a defense-if civ, i think wonders should be less stone and wood these resources deplete and in the late game it wont be a strategy because you need an army and there is no more stone on the map wood gets finished ass well so ass English you get some gold and food. When do you ever build a wonder in ranked matches?. many you agree that after 1,5 hours 2hours when map resources are depleted you should at least still be Abel to build wonders and retread and try to defense you wonder i liked this strategy and won a few times… lost more i think… but those where one of the games i liked most since the cost went up its not really a strategy anymore maby in coop but not 1v1…

They said a while ago they’d scale it based on number of players, but they still haven’t. No idea why, we’ve had a bunch of patches since then.

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i think that will be a good solution

Wonders are still far too cheap and easy to pull off in team games

I don’t want to see Wonders becoming cheaper, they are quite easy to build as it is now.

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Not in 1v1 they aren’t.

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No one builds Wonder in 1v1, those games are played differently and don’t last very long either.

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Umm that’s kind of the point. They aren’t viable at all in 1v1 with their current price.

Maybe they should be a niche situation in 1v1, but they aren’t even that currently.

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I wish they would either allow us to search with wonders disabled or introduce greater counter play to them. Make building your own wonder pause or extend the timer perhaps?

As it stands, wonders are the bane of team games as they are simply too easy to pull off and defend for 15 minutes.

you also have to defend sacred sites

tbh, i don’t see the issue with scaling the price of wonders.

I find the wonder be far to cheap in 4v4 as you can just sink resources to 1 guy quickly and immidietly build a wonder on maps where its easy to force a stalemate.

Make it about equally obtainable regardless if you play 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4.
It’s key is to force break a stalemate that would otherwise make the game last hours.

It should be that if you play your econ game correctly, then you should be able to obtain a wonder within around 40 minute game mark.

wrong, you have to decap ONE sacred site in the 5 minutes the enemy team has to cap them lol

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