Wonder makes game crash 3VS3

Recently while playing 3V3, when enemy team is making wonder, the game crashes before the end :

  • Black forest, wonder built around 22, crashes at 27.01
  • Black forest wonder built around 42, crashes at 52
  • Boulder bay W build …? crashes at 51.26

Game version… unknown, before 5.0.11963.0

What do u mean by crashes?

I would bet my left testicle it was caused by a drophacker not by a ingame bug

No result game, all players kicked out
My teams does not and 2/3 times, enemy team was winning… So… stupid to drophack in that case, isn’t it?

Yep. Congrats buddy u are another poor soul who becomed a target of common server with Asians :slight_smile:

I can only advise you to check playercards of players and try to find out the one with Hidden match history. I can guarantee you it was caused by him.

If there were more than 1 with HMH you are kinda f***** and u dont even know who to report

Damn. Last game one was HMH ! I’ll check the other games too ><
Thanks for the heads up, should I report them? It’s frustrating ruining games… well playing wonder in itself s*cks but just my opinion…