Wonder meta in team games is still a thing

Just played a 4v4 and lost by about 10 seconds because of a wonder. still just takes too long to get across the map to get to the wonder and burn down their walls.

they need to add time to the wonder per player in the game adjusting the cost is not enough of a nerf, because players can still pool money and build one.

This is so boring to play against. really wish Microsoft/relic would put out fixes faster than once a month. its really hurting their game, and all Microsoft games.

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I played 5 team games tonight. NONE had a wonder and in fact seemed to go on way to long now. LOL guess you cant have it both ways


We need smaller 3v3 and 4v4 maps!

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It also just straight up breaks 1v1.

actually, it gets better now. guys now will construct wonder at about 25min game time compared to 20min before. you have to adjust ur strategy, like construct ur military buildings more front


I Play most 3v3 post 11963 patch, I faced people who still make a wonder… but because the price is twice as before the patch, they can’t defend well the wonder. probably the specific maps are viable to make wonder in TG. so far so good in current patch.

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I’m nowhere near the high elo but isn’t the wonder victory a low elo thing only?

I think its mostly a team game thing. imho this game is too buggy and the ui is too anti player to be played competitively.

I see 1200 - 1800 players using them in 4v4. Games just don’t last as long at higher ELO.

Wonder’s price should be balanced depending on the game mode, increasing progressively according to the number of players, in 1vs1 it would be a value, and would increase up to 4vs4.

I am personally totally satisfied with this change, the wonders are great now. I have played 10 4v4 games and only 2 involved wonders. 1 loss and 1 win, and both games were epic and close. Unlike before, I really felt that the team building the wonder has less soldiers and can’t resist the push, but still can defend their wonder until the end of the counter if they play good. BTW thanks to Relic for this change


That might make me try playing the game again.