Wonder timer should be longer for larger map sizes

In larger team games it is just too hard to counter wonder. For example when playing on 4v4 maps such as Big Rock Bay (sry idk what it’s really called in English, my game is Chinese and that’s my literal back-translation), one of the opponents will always build a wonder at the top or bottom corner of the map. Upon seeing this, usually I’d need 2 minutes to adjust strategy and build many stables, 2 minutes to mass a huge army of horsemen along with trebs or cannons, 1 extra minute to wait for the soooo slowww moving siege units to slowly move to the shore, 2 minutes on transport ships to cross the sea, another 2 minutes to walk to the map corner, only to find 800 layers of walls and keeps and stone towers in front of it which is impossible to break through unless I have 10+ trebs or cannons. Launching another assault would similarly take 7+ minutes, this time facing a even more alerted and fortified enemy instead, and usually there’s only 5~6 minutes left after a failed assault. So essentially I only have one chance to do it, either make it or die. That’s just too lame of a way to end a game, no matter I’m on the winning side or losing side.

Seriously, the timer should scale with map sizes, such as 25 or 30 minutes for 4v4. The difficulty of destroying wonder is simply not the same on different sizes.

By the way did horsemen lose the ability to burn down gates at some point? I found it’s possible in Campaign but not in Skirmish, which makes destroying wonder much harder.

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Pro Tip: You can eliminate the player that built the wonder using landmarks to stop the timer. Sure, its difficult, but the primary problem is people using team games as an Imperial race and the game stalemating. I literally go into team games to imperial rush and build a wonder because the stalemate is a boring grind. Teams need to attack more quickly and be more active in the early game.

I’m not sure whether 4v4 should strictly be this “Get to Imperial and boom to 100 workers, then make 100ish food of 1-2 units and attack move into each other. If they die, do it again”. But it is - and it has been in more or less every Age of Empires. And I feel most people who join 4v4 like it that way. (Beyond those guys who like rushing like its a 1v1 so the guy with zero army quits the game at 8-9ish minutes, and then the game ends in a cascade. Which doesn’t feel fun for me, but everyone’s different I guess.)

The fact you can just throw up a Wonder behind dozens of walls which is about 5 minutes walk from the otherside of the map is a bit lame. The trick is to make proxy barracks etc as you go - but yeah. I feel it takes the fun out of what its clearly meant to be a fun setting of “does unit X counter unit Y?”