Wonder Victories and Siege Tower Musings

Hey all,

Just wanted to share some random thoughts I had on changing how both wonder victories and siege towers work.

I see a lot of people feel like siege towers, in addition to needing a cost decrease, are still too niche outside of arena and some other gametypes. I was just thinking on what they could be given that would be unique and I came up with this idea:

Siege towers can now also (in addition to their wall hopping use) “attach” to any building now (houses, towers, tcs, castles etc.) and when “attached” they force ungarrison all units inside and do not allow units to garrison inside again until the siege tower is destroyed or unattached. To prevent spam attaching, give it a cooldown like conversions so it would have to build up to the ungarrison effect again if you wanted to move the tower to another building (So you couldn’t just charge in with one tower and ungarrison 6 barracks of long swordsmen being upgraded to kill them early, only 1 barracks per tower at a time).

Say someone was building a castle on the front lines. The normal thing if knights are coming etc…is to garrison the villagers inside real quick while you deal with the army. If a siege tower were there, it would have a strategic value. You would want to kill it as a defender to save your villagers, and the attacker would use it to try to kill them if they were undefended (i.e. a risky castle).

The other item I wanted to talk about was wonders. I’ve always loved them in Age games, but I don’t play competitively that often (ok twice in my life) so I have no idea how competive my idea would be for ranked, but I would like it in casual games with friends or just solo against AI.
I would like a victory condition mode for casual play at least that is basically “conquest+wonder victory” but with some small changes to how wonders work.

-Players would not be notified when you start building one, only when you complete it.
-Once completed you would have 20 minutes to defend your wonder. If it is destroyed, you lose the game…if it isn’t…you win. I am basically just thinking it would be nice to incorporate wonders a bit more in regular games but only as a post-imp…force the issue type thing to prevent a game from going on long. I don’t think it would be a good idea to lose if you lost the wonder foundation (too easy to troll), only if you lost the building after it was built.

Anyway, those are my ideas…I have no idea how viable they are from balance/game engine perspective, but wanted to throw them out there.

P.S. crazy silly tiny wonder addendum…

Have wonders self-repair at no cost at 1 hp/5 secs up to 1hp/1sec for each relic your civilization has, up to 5 relics.

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Siege towers will be viable again when they stop forcing the game to crash to desktop (an issue reported and never actually fixed in the past 8 months)

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no they still wont be viable in most games… my game has never crashed, (or an opponent’s) due to siege towers… and ive seen siege towers in a number of times in arena since they are the hard counter to people trying to fast imperial… so even without crashing they still arent great since they can only skip 1 wall, and cost a stupid fortune so are far too situational

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The game isnt balanced around noobs where youll see fast imperials aside from defended monk treb for example.