Wonders on Island maps post siege buff vs ships

Hi guys just a quick thought. As we all know water maps are just a mess as it usually boils down to whoever builds a wonder first wins.

Now that siege has (rightfully) been buffed vs ships surely this will only serve to further compound a players desire to turtle for a wonder as their siege will now be twice as useful.

tldr: Wonders on water maps are going to be hellish to destroy after this patch. We really need wonders nerfed asap for team games. Siege at present is awful but if you want to get through 3/4 players within 15 minutes (10 by the time your army is ready and at their walls normally, you sadly need that bombard blob to break through.

Well, there wont be any island maps to play on QM this month though.
Devs said yesterday that they will be removed of QS for the time being so they can improve on naval mechanics


thank god for that. No one plays them anyway just delays getting into a game lol.