Wonders,the feature AOE 4 should learn from AOE 3

IMO,one of the most historical and interesting features of AOE3 is replacing age upgrades with building wonders(Asian Dynasty).Each asian civ has 5-6 wonders and each wonder has a historical appearance and unique funcations.They are so magnificent.This design brings a heavy sense of history and make each civ more distinctive. Also, it make wonders meaningful.We know that there are so many beautiful wonders in AOE2.But they are totally useless in most multiplayer games.What a pity.
Hope that the AOE4 can also learn something from this feature.


I like both type of wonders (AOE2 vs AOE3). I just found it sad that this victory condition disappeared in AOE3 because it’s another meaningful way of winning the game, like relics too.The game doesn’t have to be all about conquest and destruction in my opinion.

I personally find it pretty satisfying to build a wonder and fortify it with castles and towers :slight_smile:

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Yes,l like fortify wonder too. AOE4 could combine the two way in AOE2 and AOE3.


I don’t like that once destroyed it was gone forever IF we could rebuild it would be interesting it would cost something like 20% every time one is destroyed or you would need to “research” how to build them again

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I would prefer a wonder system similar to AoE3, It doesn’t have to be exactly the same

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