Workaround for the game using the wrong GPU

I’ve seen quite a few threads here and on reddit where people are having issues with the game using the wrong GPU (typically on laptops with integrated graphics)

The recommended fix is usually to force it to use the discrete GPU in windows settings and/or in the Nvidia control panel (or whatever the equivalent is for AMD), however this sometimes doesn’t work. When looking at the warnings.log file, you can actually see that the game checks for the amount of memory available for each gpu on the system and chooses the one with the most, ignoring any other system settings.

The issue I had was that both had 4GB memory, but since the number is not exact, the integrated one had a few more bytes and was chosen over the correct GPU evey time.

→ In the BIOS I was able to downgrade the amount of memory allocated to the integrated GPU to 2GB instead of 4, which in turn makes it that the game actually chooses my correct GPU. its a ■■■■■■ workaround as it downgrades the performance of integrated graphics, but in the meanwhile it kinda works.