Workers stop collecting

Several of my worker are shown to be gathering my hunt/sheep but do not return with their food…

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Have the same problem. Few problems with workers. Feels worse since the last update.

Sometimes dont build what they suppose to.

Dont go to the next berry patch after the one they have finished.

Same with deers

Harder to click sheep at the town center, when workers are near

Hi, this is known bug when your villagers finish gathering from deer and move to the sheep then they stuck on them. You need to manually drop off food and move them again to sheep. For now the only solution is to not mix deer and sheep under one drop off building.

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Thank you @StrickenEX and @Heaney74! @Hodon3032 is correct, we are aware. There should hopefully be a fix coming down the pipe soon for this one. Appreciate the reports!