World War 1 and 2, World map, Coastline Assault, encercling

If Age of Empires 4 is around the time of WW1 and WW2 I have a few ideas that might make the game unique in comparison to games that already exist. It might not be much age of empires like, but I think it will be a good addition to the game.
In my opinion it would be nice if you have gamemode with a world map or the map of Europe with many smaller zones. A coastline zone, country side zone with villages and small cities and a unique Mayor city.
For example someone builds up an army with a navy on Britain and prepares an assault like on D-day. You can use ships and landing boats to attack/bombard the coast. The other player can defend with small pre-set defences based on where he invests his resources in, and has a base on the location to build and upgrade. If the attacker wins the zone he fights to another zone. Until he reaches the capitol of a country. He can chose to encircle and starve the enemy army out or push and capture the city. (maybe only 1 capitol per player, and other capitols with extra bonus when captured)
A capitol is a primary zone. The player needs to keep his zones connected when assaulting, if an enemy takes over a zone in an attack and there is no connection with the zone of your army you slowly lose starting resources and units. This way you can have a Schlieffen plan Assault to break a siege. Or push an opponent back like at Dunkirk.

Other World map possibilities:
War plan Red - Americans attack Britain
Operation Sea Lion - German invasion off Britain.


Didnt Empires 2 do this already? The whole leading up to WW1-2 (ages) and then into the age of WWl WWII?

The idea is that each zone is a different map, the only problem i think is that you get to muchs maps. It’s like the board game Axis and Allies. But on the other hand i think it would be cool if 1 player is axis the other the allies and then have to fight over the whole world. And if other players join the can join the fight in each map. With many maps you never get bored.

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Intresting old topic. There are loads of World War rts created over the period of 5 years. If AoE want to keep alive it’s historical stature then AoE IV must include World War eras on this basis of typical AoE mechancis and design. Otherwise AoE had to face the futuristic and fantsy rts dominance out there.

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