World War II RTS game

Good ideas for Company of Heroes and AOE collaboration, just like monsterhunter and witcher did. Relic already has the visual assets, they have to be loaded in Age of Empires 3/4 engine.


Hey, this sounds awesome, and the game doc just posted here so far is impressive. 10+ years programming and graphics experience (on personal projects) from me, if I can help out I’d be very motivated. I love the time period of aoe, but nothing quite like the bloodiest conflict in human history as the setting for a RTS. The eastern front has to go down as one of the most epic and desperate struggles of all time, not to be outdone the pacific, western europe, africa, it’s almost unbelievable how so much could happen within those 6 years in the time frame you mention, which I would consider expanding. There were many very important things that happened in the 30’s that would give you a little more flexibility and the weaponry and equipment in use when the war started was all from that time period and earlier anyway.


Yeah, I wasn’t really planning on actually trying to develop a game, just messing around with the things that popped into my head. But sometime in the future years if I had time I might think about trying to make one. WW2 is a goldmind of untapped potential RTSwise imo

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RTS genre overall has WAY more potential. There was a good number of games fairly new like Joint Task Force and eventually World In Conflict for a while but sales were always less than the usual suspects and portability, hardware expenses, and the fact that a lot of old stubborn players refuse to play anything but those old 2d games all meant that the big RTS games like Supreme Commander got part 2s that were literally number 2.

Oh and that which we do not speak killed the precious so half the market vaporized overnight in a time where the groundwork for what would become the next decade of technology was being set down and sadly was missing the demand for higher flip flops im sure you guys know what im talking about. I am still 100% salty as it gets about it and honestly always will be. That’s what happens when you give a van gogh to a festering disease of a…

2 hrs later and i have to force myself to stop.

Anyway, love the work you’ve done, if even in concept. A game doc is literally the first and most important part I would say. I had partially put ice on those dreams and after some time have decided to go directly toward my real goal and nothing is going to stop me. Except maybe some small pauses to lay some hatred on that which we do not speak

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i feel like siam deserves to be in the game more than bulgaria.


Could you elaborate?

well IMO Romania is already kinda representing what Bulgarien also does, being the sidekick of Germany, but Romania being the more important country they should get primacy.

Siam kinda fills the same role in this regard for Japan, just differently in a lot of ways.

another faction could perhaps be the Dutch, which did have a lot of colonial possessions.

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I didn’t pick Belgium or Netherlands as I saw them more of a DLC ( Invading the Benelux)

I would edit the post and switch out Bulgaria for Siam but it won’t let me, XD