World War II RTS game

This is just a little page of my concept for an rts game(I wouldn’t call it an Age game cause it is vastly different from Age gameplay) focused on the WWII era.
Feel free to add any ideas or mechanics you think would be fun to mess around with in a WW2

Base game civs
United Kingdom

7 ages

I have been working on completely overhauling the way campaigns work for this so it is more interactive=higher replayability

Campaigns I have thought of so far
Invasion of Poland–1939—sides to choose from—Germany—Poland—USSR
Battle of France–1940—Germany—France
Operation Barbarossa–1941—USSR—Germany—Romania
Battle of Stalingrad–1942-1943—Germany—USSR—Romania
Operation Overlord–1944—Germany—USA—UK/Australia—Poland/France
Battle of the Bulge–1944-1945—Germany—USA—UK—France
(more campaigns could be added through DLCs and custom campaigns)
For every campaign you would have a set amount of troops, tanks, and supplies to use. If you have ever played Hearts of Iron, it would be like a mini version of that(similar but not a copy) inside the game as the campaign feature. You have 3 battles to select from(you may choose to fight all of them or just 2 or just 1) you have a set amount of units you can spread out across these three battles, so does the enemy(controlled by AI)
Sidenote, it opens the option for co-op campaigns. Would be friend/invite only though. Continue
When you have spread your units out to your liking you enter the battle and have those set number of units at your disposal (not all at one time, you create them) and the enemy also has their set number of units that they made pre-game. You battle it out for specific strategic positions, depending on the outcome of the battle. The battle continues until you gain the objective and keep it for an allotted time period or when you decide that this engagement isn’t worth any more of your resources, and can pull your forces out of the fight, saving them to fight another day(any wounded units are automatically healed) Depending on the results of those 3 battles, when you are finished, you click a button and it gives you 3 new battles all that are decided based on the last 3 battles. This keeps going until you reach a certain victory condition(i.e. If you are Germany in the “Invasion of Poland” campaign, you keep fighting until you lower their morale level to 0.
Morale level is raised whenever you win a battle and is lowered whenever you lose a battle. Certain cities also raise/lower morale. (i.e. if Germany captures Warsaw, this would lower the Polish morale by 50% of their current morale.) Another victory condition example
As France in the “Battle of France” you can win by dealing 75% casualties to the German forces. As the French in this campaign, if you are still alive and have not won by June 10. , Italy will invade you from the south and you victory conditions will inflate to inflicting 50% casualties on them. You lose if your morale drops to 0.
Research is nonexistent in campaign battles, however, you research new technology in the campaign overhead menu, giving you more weapons to add to your arsenal during the 3 battles.

Every infantry unit has their main gun and then a knife and a sidearm. Knives toggle instantly when units are within close quarters and sidearms and main weapons both have ammo limits(I’ll dive into that later)

Research is also different

Tank research is very interesting. I’ll give an example.
Panzer I (lifespan 1939-1941) HP—305 armor–hull—13/13/13–turret—14/13/13 damage 11/8
penetration 23/46 RoF–96.93 dispersion–0.59

I will give stat buffs for the first gun module but the rest I will just name

Modules-Gun- 2 cm Kw.K. 30 rate of fire—+6.01
once you research this gun you can then research this gun 2 cm Kw.K. 38 RoF— +14.71 dispersion---- -0.02 then u research the next gun 2 cm Breda (i) Pen +7/+1 RoF +5.43 dispersion -0.06

Turrets L.K.A. 2 HP +20 Pz.Kpfw. I Breda HP +20

There would be suspension and engine modules as well but I haven’t worked out the speed/weight values yet
Explanations for what these stats all mean
Lifespan is how long you can create the tank. You can begin production in 1939(start of game) and you can continue to pump them out until 1941. Tanks prices get increasingly higher the everytime you research a new tank(i.e. Panzer I to Panzer II. The Panzer I will be easier to mass but the Panzer II will be stronger. This would try to replicate how certain tanks continued to be produced even after they were made obsolete in most areas. You would focus your rss to make Panzer II and make Panzer I with whatever you had leftover to supplement your armored forces, and/or as Infantry support. HP works normally, armor is different for tanks. The armor is the thickness in mm and (as you can probably guess) the penetration is how much thickness of mm a shell can penetrate through. Damage values are how much damage each shell type inflicts. Shell types are as follows: AP(good penetration/good damage APCR(Excellent penetration/decent damage) HEAT(Excellent penetration, good damage) HE(poor penetration, Insane damage) Rate of fire is how many rounds(shells) the tank can fire in a minute. Dispersion is how accurate the tank is, as for this tank it is pretty poor in accuracy at .51
(the lower the number the more accurate)
A few more notes on tanks research.
Obviously, the longer the game goes on, the more tanks you can research and you will gain access to stronger/more expensive tanks. Certain tanks unlock certain tanks(Panzer I to Panzer II to Panzer III, ect) when you reach a certain year and fully upgrade a certain tank you can branch off into a new branch (i.e. Panzer III branches off into the Durchbruchswagen 2 which eventually leads to the Tiger 1 into the Tiger 2) Tanks would be produced at “factories” and take awhile to research new modules and new tanks. The Panzer I for example would take 1 minute to create, but you get 10.
Please feel free to ask questions(if you have any)

Infantry research.
You would have your basic infantry units and then upgrade them by giving them better weapons or researching techs that increase stats. You can also train “veteran” units that benefit from the same stats but take longer to train. If you are looking for a long, hard push and have time, these would be ideal units.

Basic infantry
(some civs would have specialized infantry(i.e. Finnish “Ghost Troops”) while not all may have access to certain weapon types(i.e. USA has Shotguns while Germany does not)
Submachine gun squad–10 men
Shotgun squad–10 men
Rifle squad–10 men
Sniper squad–4 men

Rifle and Shotgun squads can be outfitted with Machine guns, which can be deployed manually in any position, although it would be wise for the player to find a suitable position would good cover to set up. The machine takes 2-3 men to operate, the rest of the squad waits until enemy troops come in range of their weapons or until a soldier operating the mg dies and then take their place.

Submachine gun or Rifle squads are more common with Germany while Shotgun or Rifle squads will form the bulk of the USA army. Rifle squads for Germany would mostly be used to put up MGs.

All squads come equipped with grenades and can be outfitted with a flamethrower and anti-tank weapons. A squad can keep equipping itself with new toys until it runs out of room(i.e. you make a Rifle squad as Germany. You outfit it with MG, taking up 2 soldiers. You then give it 2 flamethrowers, taking 2 more. You also give it a Panzerschreck, taking another soldier. You have now reached the maximum of 5 soldiers, as it leaves 5 soldiers to take the place of their fallen comrades if they should die(except flamethrowers, if a soldier has a flamethrower and dies then the squad loses that flamethrower.)

As for ammo like I mentioned earlier.
All guns have ammo, when you run out they switch to their sidearm. Squads can regain ammo if they return to their base and go to the armor(which restocks infantry squads, tanks, artillery battalions, ect) This can be turned off in the settings

Maps will have a wide variety to choose from, including city maps, countryside maps, maps with cities in them but not taking up the whole map, some maps with mountains, desert, islands, ect.
Map sizes are going to be huge compared to Age maps, with the intention of longer, drawn out conflicts. Also, fighting over terrain would be huge for controlling chokepoints, the high ground, and simply areas with good cover for an mg position or artillery.

Infantry Morale
All Infantry have a morale rating of 100%, which can be raised to 150% or lowered to 25%. You can raise your Infantry’s morale by keeping them close to allied units or winning engagements(the bigger the fight the higher the morale gain). They lose morale when their squad takes damage or when their allies die around them, or when they lose a fight(the bigger the fight the higher the morale loss) When Infantry hit 25% morale, they enter “shattered mode”. You lose control of them and they scatter. Later, if you come across infantry that was shattered, you regain control of them. At the end of the battle, any infantry that wasn’t found is MIA. On the opposite side, if enemy units come across a shattered Infantry they “capture” that unit and at the end of the battle, this shows how many units were captured.
In campaigns, MIA are lost forever while captured can be traded for your own captured.

Infantry stamina I would like to add as well.

Wounded soldiers slowly lose hp.
When their pool reaches 0 they die. Wounded allies can be brought to a medical camp to recuperate their strength. After they are “healed” they wait until a new squad can be formed. A new squad(that you did not pay for) emerges from the medical camp, ready to be outfitted and fight.

Tanks and artillery can be captured if the crews are killed, as well as weapons. If an infantry squad is low on ammo and they come across a fellow squad that was recently killed they can scavenge for ammo and weapons.

Resource income and production
The main resources are as follows:
Food–can be gained through workers
Money–can be gained through workers
Manpower–can be gained through drafts and signups
Steel–can be gained through workers
Oil–can be gained through workers
Aluminum–can be gained through workers

You start out with workers to distribute throughout the different resources with sliders.
You can gain workers by spending money to campaign for the home front. An example.
When you spend money to campaign for the home front you gain 10 workers for every minute the campaign lasts. You need to keep spending money on campaigns to keep up with the demand for resources. Campaign prices keep growing the more times you pay for them.
Worker gather rates as follows:
Manpower-- 1/s

drafts are researched for free, can only be done once a year(age), and take 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the designated time you gain +90% of your current manpower

All can be increased through techs (researched by money)
Money and manpower are the two ones you would want to focus on in the early game

Infantry squads use up food while they are alive (to represent rations soldiers carried and such)
Vehicles/tanks use up steel and oil(repairs and refuels)
Planes use up aluminum and oil(repairs and refuels)

I will add more, but feel free to share thoughts and ideas


I like the idea of this :slight_smile:


Well, that was what I hoped AoE4 would have been about… Although I am suspicious about WW2 mechanics in AoE2 game style (flying objects? how to do it? like regular AoE unit or like in CoH? etc.) I hoped Relic with CoH experience would do that well… yet… I got dissappointed…

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I don’t really trust an Age game to be WW2, it wouldn’t be like Age imo.

Thats a huge jump in the first age. LOL

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Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, lol

An example of a line of USA tank research tree layout. All tanks (they come in groups of 10) cost Oil, Steel, and money, upgrade a tank costs money and researching a new tank costs money.
Also, you may notice that some of the tanks lower on the chain have less armor. This is their armor thickness, it doesn’t take into account the angle of the armor, 20 mm of armor can turn into an almost impenetrable shield if angled at an extreme degree.
I’ve also semi-worked out the speed of the tanks, the speed isn’t how fast they go, it’s how fast they CAN go(the average) and has nothing to do with the tanks mobility. Horsepower is a tricky one to factor out how that effects the tank because that would require me to find the weight for the tank with all the different little modules, including the tank itself, which would be an incredible task. The Locust also is a very light tank, so it does not require much HP, meaning it can reach higher speeds fairly fast(20 mph is the average speed but I wouldn’t be surprised if it surpassed that quite a lot)

M2 Light Tank —cost:Oil::297—Steel::127—Money::1’700----
Full upgrade cost:–11’460 Money

armor–Hull–38.1/25.4/25.4—Turret–15.9/15.9/15.9 ------- Turret 38.1/25.4/25.4
pen–27 --------------- 30/41 ---- 48/70/19
dmg–8 --------------- 12/12 ---- 40/40/50
RoF–112.39 ------- 98.9 ------- 24
Disp–0.57 ----------- 0.5 -------- 0.46
Speed–18 mph

M3 Stuart —cost:Oil::1’640—Steel::703—Money::4’687----
Full upgrade cost:–35’500 Money
research price::37’500 Money
hp–405------------------- 439
armor–Hull—38.1/25.4/25.4—Turret–38.1/25.4/25.4------------------ turret 38.1/31.7/31.7
pen–30/41 ------------- 48/70/19 ------------- 56/78/19
dmg–12/12 --------------- 40/40/50 ---------------- 40/40/50
RoF–108.43 --------------- 26.09 ------------------- 26.09
Disp–0.5 --------------- 0.46 -------------- 0.41
Speed–19 mph
Horsepower–245---------------------262--------------------- 350

M5 Stuart —cost:Oil::2’502—Steel::1’027—Money::7’150----
Full upgrade cost:–38’430 Money
research price::47’666 Money
hp–495 -----------------------527
armor–Hull—28.6/28.6/25.4—Turret–38.1/31.8/31.8 -------------- turret 44.5/31.8/31.8
pen–56/78/19 ---------------------- 56/78/19
dmg–40/40/50 -------------------- 40/40/50
RoF–26.09 -------------------- 30.31
Disp–0.42 ---------------- 0.42
Speed–20 mph

M22 Locust —cost:Oil::2’712—Steel::1’162—Money::7’750----
Full upgrade cost:–61’120 Money
research price::64’000 Money
Speed–20 mph

M24 Chaffee —cost:Oil::5’906—Steel::2’531—Money::16’875----
Full upgrade cost:–78’200 Money
research price::81’000 Money

hp–520 --------------------------------- 546
pen–96/143/38 ----------------------- 96/143/38
dmg–110/110/175------------------- 110/110/175
RoF–12.5 -------------------------------------- 13.64
Disp–0.42 ------------------------------------- 0.44
Speed–19 mph

As you can see, turret armor is the only one that can be increased while the hull remains the same throughout the different models of the tank. These are all light tanks, intended to be scouts, infantry support, and break through fortifications.
You will also notice that some tanks don’t have modules to upgrade, like the M22. While it is on paper worse than the M5, there are other specifications that I haven’t worked out yet that would make it better(mobility and speed. It also has a smaller profile)

I have only lined these guns up in the order of when they were created, I’m sure some were better than others but for game balance, they’ll just be in order of when they were created

Now I’ll give an example of the German “Barracks” layout for Sub-machine guns

Submachine gun squad train time::30 seconds—cost:: Food::100—Money::1’000—manpower::10
Tech upgrades
Stamina Drill–research time::30 seconds------stamina +20%----speed +5%
Firearms drill–research time::30 seconds------rate of fire +10%-----accuracy +10%
Stealth drill–research time::30 seconds--------camo +10%
Logistics drill–research time::30 seconds-------ammo supply+15%

Veterans–train time:: 1 minute—all stats are 5% more and they also benefit from the drills

Stock Gun–MP 18
RoF—350-500 round/min
range—130-180 m

MP 34 research price::50’000 money
RoF—600 rounds/min
range—150–200 m

Suomi KP research price::76’000 money
RoF—750–900 rounds/min
range—200 m

Erma EMP research price::81’000 money
RoF—550 rpm
range—200-250 m

MP 35 research price::99’000 money
RoF—540 round/min
range—150–200 m

ZK-383 research price::120’000 money
RoF—500–700 rounds/min
range—250 m

MP-40 research price::130’000 money can research in 1940
RoF—500–550 rounds/min
range—100-250 m

MP 3008 research price::100’000 money can research in 1945
RoF—450 rounds/min
range—100 m

The accuracy, damage, and penetration values, I don’t exactly know how to figure out due to balance(in fact, alot of the stats I’ve posted for tanks and guns are probably unbalanced but I’m not a game dev sooo)

How goes progress? One cool thing from C&C that mighr help is letting a set of your infantry have a special action like a bazooka or the similar item from that country. This will allow your tanks to be tanky to small arms fire but still allow infantry to fight tanks. You would make it a one time use skill or a bit of a reload. I would also limit building damage from it.

If you need a play tester I would be more then happy to help. I would offer detailer feed back. I would just have to do it inbetween work.

That’s a good idea. It could belong with a group of anti-armor weapons that can be added to an infantry squad.

Thanks for the offer but I’m not actually making a game. This is just a concept. Although I might try to make one in the future when I have the time and money

Great idea :wink:

I think one could create a sub-brand of the Age of Empires (similar to the Age of Mythology) - Age of Wars.

It would be a two-part series of AoE-style games about World War 1 and World War 2.

The first game could tell about the years 1853-1920 - from the Crimean Wars, through the First World War, to the Battle of Warsaw. It would be a kind of continuation of AoE 3 - in chronological (historical) order.

The second game could be as you presented, but it could also be about the interwar period.

A possible third part could go back to the time from the Cold War to the present day.

This sub-series could be created in cooperation with the Relic studio. Could be a bit of a combination of AoE with Company of Heroes - such AoE but with extended tactics. You would still build a settlement and harvest resources, but military matters would be much more suited to 20th century wars.



Would you be able to create a game concept knowing my ideas?

I dream of an Age of Empires from the Victorian era to the Cold War. Since AoE 4 turned out to be a throwback to the Middle Ages, it means the need to create a new sub-series - Age of Wars (working name, but probably fits perfectly with a series of games set in the 20th century).

  • Age of Wars 1 - Victorian Era and WW1
  • Age of Wars 2 - Interwar period and WW2
  • Age of Wars 3 - Cold War and the Yugoslav War
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Send me a message and we can work on a concept

I have already written this more or less my concept. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to write now. Besides, I think it would be more fun if other people would also share their ideas.

We can make a new thread and leave it open for people to add their ideas and thoughts.

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A really great idea :blush:

It takes a lot of head and commitment to show developers that we would be interested in this sub-series of AoE games.

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Who will make the thread, you or me?

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You, because I have exam session :wink:

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Lol, good luck

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Thanks friend. The last week of exam’s :sweat_smile:

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