World wonders can be used to generate unlimited resources

World wonders can be used to generate unlimited resources. This happens when canceling the build process. After that the refund of resources is higher than the actual building costs.


Seems like this works for other buildings as well. I tested it with a castle. Within less than a minute I could generate 1000 stone by canceling the buildings. And to make sure, my stone per minute rate was 30 stone/minute. Tested with HRE in post imperial age.

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Hey Nael0!

I tried to recreate this myself.

I loaded a game that I saved that was in progress when I was in the Castle Age.

I made sure all my resource producing buildings were destroyed and all my villagers were idle. I waited until my resources all showed 0 resource/minute and then built a town centre and cancelled at different stages of the build progress.

Each time I cancelled at 25%, 50%, 75% and 90%, I had the exact amount refunded to me and did not generate any extra resources.

Perhaps you were still generating resources somehow? Unless it’s specific to certain resources or civilisations?

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Hi Teranacor,

Which Civ have you used ?

My income was 30 stone per minute. I double checked it.

I was playing HRE and I tried it with Castles and Wonders ( the more exepensive the building the more profit you make obviously) , not sure if it was related to some tech. But I used the same bug in a second game and got the same result.

I canceld the building with 0% progess but I don´t think that this is importaint.

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Interesting! I was using the Mongols. When I play a round with HRE, I will see if I get the same! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, you two! I was unable to get a repro on this. If you are able to get more information, it’d be super helpful. I’ll keep an eye on this one, though!


Hey guys,

thanks for your replies. I made some tests an I was able to reproduce the issue reliably:

I played Holy Roman Empire. To ensure which technology causes the issue , I haven’t researched any technology until Imperial Age. Then I build the University and reseacherd the tech “Court Architects” (Bonus 30% more HP for buildings), because I had the suspicion this is the reason.

And it worked:
I saved exactly 800 stone and I had no stone income.
I build a castle for 800 stone.
I canceled the building.
I had 1040 stone in the bank again.
240 stone more than I have invested. → 30% more than the original costs. Seems like the 30% bonus affects not only the HP.

This issue can be used with any other building, too. So you can also generate wood with the most other building or gold and food with wonders. But I don’t know if this works with other civs as well.

I really hope this helps to fix the bug.

Best regards
Nael :slight_smile:



Thank you @nael0!

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Have you been able to reproduce the bug ?

Yes! Your instructions were super helpful…thanks @nael0!

World Wonders cannot be built within 20 tiles of University incoming!

Kidding guys.

Great find, hope it gets fixed before we face teams of Rus + HRE for infinite gold and stone.

@BuckledClub644 Actually I am not sure if it is limited only to HRE. Maybe, this bug could be used with other civs as well.

Yes, it can be used with other civ’s as well, check →

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This is ridiculous. Turns out this bug was basically found 11 days ago and it was explained here the whole time, but it only got noticed after a blown up Reddit post, same as Rus relic bug (Reddit post for that one was mine btw).

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A dev replied to this thread acknowledging this exploit 13 days ago and followed up twice before the Reddit post went up. The only thing the Reddit post did was alert a whole lot more players of the exploit.

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i just saw a player who exploit and epic bug
. Russian playeur Lyllacyapper 521.
He take relic put in in russian monastery and destroy the monastery. The monastery give him one relic by priest and more relic each time. He multiple do that during 10 minute and he has infinite ressource with any villager.

he infintely duplicate relic spam TC and strongold made a wonder and win easy because et hase inifite ressource. on our game he made in 35 minute more than 250K ressource.

Look magicglace replay 12-11-2021. you can see him doing that at minute 15 of the replay.

Look this screenshot

Everyone already knows. There are a bunch of threads about this already, the devs have already acknowledged the problem and a fix is on the way.


I’m -BPT- S.T.A.L.K.E.R from this replay. i demand to severely sanction this player for his exploit.

Thanks :wink:

After researching in University the technology “Court Architects” cancelling any building returns 130% of resources instead of 100%. His (and my) guess is that resource cost of the building is weirdly tied up to its HP somewhere. So increasing HP by this tech somehow increases the cancel value of the building.

How to reproduce:

  1. Get to Age 4 however you want.
  2. Build a University.
  3. Research “Court Arhitects”.
  4. Look how much resources you have.
  5. Start constructing any building.
  6. Cancel it, before it is done.
  7. Look at your resources again.

First found by someone named Ric on Steam.