Worst team game experience out of any RTS ever

From the droppers to the hackers. Team games are the worse time you can have on this game.(OR ANY RTS GAME EVERY MADE)
Maps are way to big. Takes 10 years to cross to attack.

You got people that drop if 2 units attack there base. 1 guy drops you lose because no team take control or resource control.
Ranked wont even have teams so so much for half the player base that wants to play teams.

This game trash anyways. still half ass done after now 5 months and we still dont have basic things all other rts game have.
unit balance is not there, siege balance is not there.

Relics new rts COH3 that they screwed this game over to make is even worse.!! go read there forums for a laugh.
Already horrible reviews which shouldn’t be a surprise. Guess they didnt release that game in Alpha stage like this one. So there’s that I guess
Im just sad that Microsoft allowed this crap. Will be really leary of any Microsoft title in the future.

I’m sorry for you, i had opposite experience in team games. I rarely encountered drop hack, maybe i’m lower elo than you so i matched up with more casual people they don’t mind to win or to lose.
Unit balance are in good spot, sieges need a bit more work but are easy to counter so i don’t mind when people are build only that kind of stuff. The last patches work in that direction and next one will nerf again sieges.
This weekend the game will have almost everything that other rts have, so just patience.
Anyway there are many other titles to play, just have fun. It’s the only thing that matters.
If you are not have fun with this game is fair, go to play other games, maybe one day you will come back and give it a chance again


Dude can you condense your complaints and suggestions to a single thread? I’m tired of seeing you repeat the same thing in 10 different places. Drop hack isn’t news. Your opinion on map size and siege is just an opinion. What’s your elo? You whine so much.


Biggest crybaby of the entire forum wtf stop play to this game if you don’t like it and stop spam here thx


If you don’t like the game don’t play it. It’s that simple!


Why are you still here? You almost every week create a topic about how you “leave the game” on the forum, but at the same time you continue to spam with your stupidity.
What is the logic? It’s just ridiculous…
I have never seen such a fat troll.



Game definitely needs work, but if it is so bad and frustrating why are you still playing, play another game you like more instead. I haven’t even barely been playing aoe 4 recently because of the balance and siege problems. Going to wait till the spring update and see how it is


I feel the same, the greatest issue with the game is on the forums. Ofc, there are a lot of issues but they are working on them. Yes, slowly, yes, many things won’t work as we want.

But for real, I think if any new player comes to this forum before trying it, or Reddit, they will run away. Because the people cry so much and open forums for ottomans, drop hackers and etc.


Redit is not that bad lately actually.


I was surprised about this as well. Usually its the other way around.

  • That’s why even pros when trying to transmit soething use reddit instead of official forum.

  • Even tournaments and stream anouncements are there as well.