Would anyone play tycoon mode online once DLC dropes

Tycoon game mode seems to be a newbie friendly so I am wondering if anyone is interested in playing it?
Or will it be unpopular mode ignored by all?


Idk yet, have to test it first :person_shrugging: but i Imagine civs like british or germans will be very dominant

It sounded like it revolves around building and economy and town. I can just play treaty build up then fight. So this game mode sounds pointless but new content always welcome!

I haven’t tried yet.
I was thinking Tycoon mode is useless.
But after this I think this would definitely improve the learning curve.

And challenge new players, to first improve their eco and then jump into the actual battles etc.

ALSO **Very Importantly** . . .


This will make Experiences people, ask new players, to play tycoon mode first,
just before kicking the new player out from lobby/team.

Rather than just ranting on them, for being new, and not knowing, berries are slower/villager should be continuous etc.

And contribute in making the game more welcoming and less toxic for new players.
and increasing player base :crossed_fingers:


The victory by score is interesting for ffa games.
Generally, having more options is nice.

I’m waiting for the official release of the tycoon mode to see all the options.
Can we have a simple score victory without the “peace” options?

after giving the mode demo a try in PUP, i think its a good way to learn how to boom well, similar to AOE2 win condition of highest score, but without the pressure of getting attacked, basically a city sim, treaty ofc still has its place as it has no military health dropping unlike tycoon. booming wise it offers more varied situations than the booming art of war challenge

I would. Seems pretty fun and chill.

Your military units lose hp over time. So its not like treaty at all.

Basically your troops can be one shot by vils in this mode if you try to mass them.

Im interested on it because I want to see many underused eco cards being used, taking the spot from military ones

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In completing the Tycoon game mode, it should be recorded as a statistic. For instance, if you’re in a lobby and have chosen a civ, someone should be able to hover over your country’s flag and see “Tycoon High Score 20/30/40/60 min: XXXX” (for the civ you selected, of course).

This would be extremely beneficial because 1.) it would REALLY help find better matches for treaty. If someone made that high score, then everyone in the lobby knows he or she has a good deck with eco cards and knows how to boom properly (without needing to look into people’s decks in the lobby, cause idk why develops won’t re-add this function).

2.) As it helps out Treaty mode, it will help out Tycoon mode because people would be encouraged to play the Tycoon game mode to get a higher score (thus showing in future treaty lobbies that you know what you’re doing).

What civs will be completely discarded from this game? Otto? Lakota?

I didn’t know that, sounds like a completely dumb/pointless game mode

Lakota are the best with natural resources while have a good villager spam, im not sure about that if they can get the score before other ecos start to run. I left out Japan, Hauds (poor cards, only cows) and maybe african ones (they gather less cause influence)

I like the idea that its pushing into unknown territory. Maybe trying to bring in a different demographic. Maybe my brother or friends would be more likely to give this a try as its less stressful and doesn’t rely on military. I am happy to see them trying new things.

I think if they keep evolving and trying different things within this mode it could turn into something brilliant. Maybe resources on the map that you have to fight the enemy for, or points of interest/bodies of water but your home town stays safe. I think this would give another new and exciting angle.

I think of how fortnite was initially a zombie game and the Battle Royale mode blew up out of nowhere. It was only a small side mode. Something like this could really bring in a lot of people in if the devs commit to it. I know in aoe2 once Empire Wars was released it was abandoned, even now the play rate is so so low. If they had continued tinkering with the formula, maybe adding a draft and BO3, or a different twist it could have worked.

Great work devs, I like it a lot.

It’s not bad, I’ll play it occasionally. Certain civs will have a huge advantage over others though.

I actually don’t think so… I think it’s interesting how you can use military units in this context to raid the enemy eco. Raids on multiple fronts with weak troops are more important in this mode than full scale attacks… I think it’s pretty interesting.