Would giving Halberdiers to Aztecs be too strong?

If the problem is 6+8 attack Halbs, just make Garland Wars not affect them and that’s it, assuming we have to add them at all cost.
They’d do 2 dmg less against anything that’s not cavalry, but 8 more against it.

But high HP stat helps tremendously to offset that since it will let the monk survive if it gets attacked before you could to task it to convert. There is also the fact they will get healed by the other monks after they survive anyway.

You just wrote it yourself. Even if Aztecs are somehow bad now, why not use the simple solution and undo the nerfs?

Uh what?
Old eagles had 2 pa, 50 health, and 1.1 speed.
Now they have 3 pa, 55 health and 1.15 speed. N2m bonus damage additions and increases.

If anything since vanilla they havs been buffed.


Yeah I just wrote it myself, I was agreeing with you, there was no need to point it out.
And the eagle nerf is the pricy EW upgrade when their strat used to be drush fc 3tc kind of fast imp EEW flood, I thought there were more.

Generally that is the case, yes. But as @CactusSteak2171 said, not Aztec’s monks. They convert any unit 1v1 and can take shots from BBC, SO or whatever.

That might be true in a 1v1 Skirm-fight but I bet that Byzantine’s Skirms would still be cost efficient

Earlier, I put forward that Aztecs and Vikings Pikeman’s problem can be solved by bufffing Pikeman unit general because Pikeman is really weak unit.
Current Pikeman has 4 attack and +22 bonus against cav.
I propose 5 attack and +25 bonus against cav for Pikeman.

No, and I believe they should have halbs.

Aztec lategame is absolutely terrible, and getting to Garland Wars halbs is almost prohibitively expensive in 1v1s anyway.

Currently Aztecs have a weakness against cav too, despite being an “infantry civ”.

How do you stop Paladins with Aztecs? lmao

At 5/25 they deal 28 damage a shot and 5 shot knights.
At 4/22 they deal 24 damage a shot and 5 shot knights.

Well first of all paladins isnt a 1v1 unit much. If garland wars is too expensive for your taste in 1v1, paladins is far and away too much
Second of all, by your better economy and early game bonuses and killing them before paladin is realistically an option


If you say Garland Wars is too expensive then Paladin is as well…


I know but normally you play pikeman + crossbow combo. Crossbow completes remaining health of Knights. 28/24 = +17% more damage.

If youre buffing pike xbow comps how do you plan to buff knight skirm comps to maintain balance then? Seeing as, especially at the top levels, archers are dominant

I guess Pikemen raids might become very annoying then :smiley: not a fan.

Even generic Halberdier is insane unit. In Rage Forest Tournament, most common unit was Halberdier, even Vietnamese and Koreans created tons of Halberdier despite their halberdier lacking blast furnace. +4 attack Aztecs Halberdier is OP unit. Vikings +20% hp and +5 attack against cav isn’t OP at least. Dravidians Halberdier is also OP but it can’t do that much due to Dravidians having no unit against Siege.

Halberdier raid is a thing, why not should Pikeman have raiding ability?

You’re paying quite a lot for the Halb upgrade. If you’d get the Pikemen upgrade as soon as you hit Castle Age and start spamming, this would be really annoying in my opinion.

So how do you propose to counterbalance the buff to xbow pike comps?

Halberdier upgrade is 300f 600g and 50 seconds which is one of the cheapest upgrade in Imperial Age. Paladin isn’t used in 1v1 because Halberdier upgrade is too cheap and fast. Paladin upgrade is 170 seconds and Halberdier’s is only 50 seconds.

Yeah but c’mon man… Halb spam in Rage Forest… you most likely have a sick eco and start spamming them as a cheap meatshield.

Paladin upgrade isnt used in 1v1 because of how expensive paladin is, not because halb upgrade. By that logic why would i tech into cavalier at all which is absolutely shredded by halbs?