Would historical maps outside Europe work with the Civs that we have?

The historical maps added a new dimension of historical coverage to AOE3. I have learned a lot of historic relations.
Now I was wondering, would this concept work in other parts of the world (Longer conflicts with multiple States involved) or would we need more civs first?
The only thing that came to my mind is the conflict in Northern America between US, french, British and natives. But nothing in Africa, Asia or south America.

The Japanese invasions of Korea of 1592–1598
(萬曆朝鮮之役; 文禄、慶長の役;壬辰倭亂、丁酉再亂)
Ming China VS Japan

There are not many non-European civs to major huge regional conflicts without European involvement.
But historical maps have a HUGE potential. They can add unique trade posts or other “tech buildings” for different sides to make them essentially different civs, like the north and south side in the Deluge and the different city states in the Italian Wars.

So for example we can make these kind of maps:
Sengoku Jidai: all Japanese, but each starting point has a unique castle/trade post/shogunate wonder that gives three clan-specific techs. Kyoto is a neutral town in the center and the players need to capture it or eliminate others (Daimyos also need different names). Similarly we could also have Boshin War with similar settings but some more modern techs.
Ming-Qing War: all Chinese, but the northern side has Manchu-specific techs and the southern side has Ming-specific techs. They also have different mercenaries and natives.