Would it be a good idea to make the building carriages move faster?

The slowness of the wagons becomes a problem on large maps, especially team maps. There are many shipments that are good in theory but the time to build becomes a problem, for example, aging with a logistician to make a rush is a disappointment, since in case you would pass a little slower in age and also sending the wagon to a point close to your enemy would take a lot of time, it would help a much more fluid game, I do not think it is a great benefit anymore very little significant for civis in particular who use the wagons of buildings a lot

I think that I should make distinctions with certain buildings that if necessary so that they move faster and another to leave them with the speed that they already have, for this I made a list

  • Houses and variants = 4.25
  • Arsenal = 4.25
  • Factory = 4.5
  • Military production buildings = 4.25
  • Mills, plantations, rice fields, mango and cherry = 4.0
  • Detachment and Fort = 4.0
  • Commercial post = 4.25
  • Spring = 4.25
  • Commandery = 4.0
  • Bank = 4.5
  • Town Center = 4.25
  • Market = 4.25
  • Native embassy = 4.25
  • Military barracks that have detachment functions = 4.0
  • Church = 4.25

If the fear is that they destroy the wagons, I would give them the opportunity to garrison themselves in buildings as a villager.

Wagons like the Japanese cherry or Indian mango wagon should be capturable just like cattle, so they are not used as a “scouting unit”. Japan basically starts with 3 scouting units, and can also keep an eye on the map from all corners thanks to shrines.

I prefer that they leave everything as it is otherwise when the Portuguese passes into 2 ages his tc wagon will run too fast and in addition to xp which will arrive first I can’t slow him down or see him with my explorer in team I wouldn’t be able to force him to put him in base because as soon as it comes out it will start running

Let’s say it’s up to your skills to defend your wagon or your opponent’s skill in taking the wagon