Would you buy an AOE1 DLC like this for 5USD?

  • No new units.
  • No new techs.
  • 1 new building set.
  • 2 new maps
  • 4 new civs
  • 4 new campaigns
Would you buy an AOE1 DLC like this for 5USD?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Only on a sale

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No, not with AoE:DE being in the state it is currently.


That mod should be free.
I’d pay $5 if the mod had at least a few new units.
New civs with the same tech tree, no news, definitely not.

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They need to rework into the game , but a DLC will be awesome , show some love to the game that start all of this …
I personally thing than Age1 have a lot to potencial to offer more civs and campaings …

We have to wait and see



AoE:DE has broken gameplay with unit pathfinding/command and broken AI

It is pointless to add any new content in current state


There should be some new units and techs too, but it’s possible I might buy regardless because it would depend of civs and campaigns it has.


They really really need to step up their game for me to even begin purchasing anything they come up with. Show AoE DE the love it deserves, starting with listening to your community. Interact with us for a change. Money should not be the driving force behind it. This has been said many times but nothing changes. Do you expect us to simply forget how DE was completely abandoned aside from a skeleton crew doing only marginal updates? I don’t expect anything, but if something happens at all show that you are passionate about it and maybe we can finally start heading in the right direction.


Let me guess. The new DLC for AoE1 is likely to be the Beyond the Indus expansion, which would the DLC that explores some civilizations of South and Southeast Asia, which would be good to see.

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Absolutely! I’d love to play some new campaigns.


No need please to go to South Asia besides the Indians. Sorry, but the time period in the Middle east, north africa, Europe and the far east is way more interesting. Also no mesoamerica or australian civs pls.

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So you think everybody besides indians have no classical era history?

They have but not relevant enough for Age of EMPIRES game. Middle ages maybe yes, the Khmer and Vietnam, but not in the ancient period. They only had primitive native cultures.

What about Van Lang?

I know Vietnamese want their civ, but in all seriousness, it is an obscure ancient kingdom with few things known about it. I think a civilization needs a threshold of importance and power in the ancient period to be added to the game. Otherwise we will have Toltecs, Polynesians and whatever else nonsense and it won’t be good for the game.

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Vietnamese get their civ in the Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome DLC.