Would you buy the next dlc?

As a single-player I don’t find the game entertaining enough to buy any DLC.


When a DLC is released it is released with a balance patch. Remember that.

Yes, I will buy it on launch day.

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I was going to buy it until I saw the variety Civs :frowning:


I have many unfriendly judgement on the variant civs’ history evidences, but it contains Byzantines, Japanese and a new campaign so I have no choice but " Shut up and take my money". Hope next DLCs’ variant civs won’t go like this and they won’t sell DLCs with only variant civs.

I will buy it, but i hope the devs change their mind, Simply add new landmarks for the existing civs. (All this blablabla variants sounds ridicolous) xD

Look dev i solve the problem: add a landmark for french who give joanna d arco, which have bonus into pet sheeps. Happy?
An other one to chinese to give monks( a new monk unit)
And so on…


Yes and Yes and Yes till I hit 20 char

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Absolutely yes. Even if the DLC had just two civs, i would buy it.

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If the dlc had only variants, no


Yes, it seems strange to me that in 2 years they did not give any new UU to the HRE (and not to the French either, only English, Rus and the Asian civs)…

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They making a variant for both french and hre so they’re high chance we will see some new stuff in regular civ too.

I think that’s one of reason they did the gulam as it was supposed to be in the variant and decided to give to both.

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I will buy on release, even though I regret there is no discount for pre ordering. I like the new campaign and the addition of Byzantines and Japanese. I like the idea of variant civs, but not what they did with it.

You actually made a good point here how did the unique units gonna work?Does the variants gonna have more unique units than the original civ?

I pre-ordered already

I am looking forward for arabic SP campaign and new civs

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I did not hesitate to pre order DLC after listing STEAM.

I know that but the balance patches will only twerk little things. I’ve bought every AoE game because I support RTS but the AoE series is way too slow paced with a clear focus on defense for me (except for AoE1). Apart from that I don’t like the idea of increasing the number of civilisations. I don’t see a world where this wouldn’t lead to less strategic in game depth, because there needs to be a sacrifice if all those civs need to be balanced out. I like skill ceiling and real time in game strategic adaption. We are already at a point where picking the right civ for a specific map plays a crucial role. But that is strategic theory crafting that isn’t made during a match and this sort of strategy will most likely play a larger role with more civs.
I can’t speak for AoE2 but I’d guess that per map there’s a handfull of civs that are being used and when it comes to strategic in game adaption the options are also fairly limited.

Everything I pre-ordered in the past had a bad released or it was so hype and the gameplay didn’t delivered what was promised.

I pre-order this DLC on the announcement day.
We knew the 2 news civs + camping + 4 variants civs.
We didn’t know anything about those variants.
And know we know.
I don’t know you guys, but in my opinion only 1 variant is good.
I already requested a refund.


I personally don’t know, I believe that I’ll buy someday probably… but I won’t pre-order for sure, and I won’t either buy it on the release…

I’ll probably buy it when there will be some sale or the price will drop, as to my eyes right now it’s not worth it. I was hoping that this DLC was the one that made me come back to the game, but I don’t feel invested at all, so I’ll wait and stay in aoe2 and aoe3, and aom when it’ll come out.


20 ctrl groups would be a nice bit of QoL :slightly_smiling_face: and i think you’ll agree the alt selection (selection modifiers) similar to aoe2 DE would be nice as well
now on dlc, not preordering, personally i’ll wait for at least a bit to see how it plays out then decide

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Sure, AoE 2 is more balanced but have less strategic options…the infantry civs goes full inf…the cavalry civs goes full cavalry…the economic civs goes full economy…and so on…

Me too…

I will buy it. Byzantines, Japans, 4 variant civs and campaigns. Too much content :slight_smile: