Would you like some kind of Coop MP Wave mode?

Basically a mode where you had to resist cooperatively against progressively harder getting waves of enemies with classical ressource gathering and base building?

Score would be then calculated by how many waves you survived or maybe also by controlling certain flags.

To get an idea of what I mean, look up Last Stand for Dawn of War 2 or “They are Billions”.


I’d love the living christ out of some sort of coop mode. Not sure about the waves thing - not that I think that idea is bad, I just have kind of a “ehh” spot for “wave mode” games. I’m more of a “missions” kind of guy, like how coop mode is in Starcraft 2.

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@Szaladon Do you mean like co-op Barbarossa Brawl?

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Something in that vein which wouldn’t require you to play as Teutons though.

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I really like the idea of a cool co-op scenario! I’d definitely play it!

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i thought of something similar lately a basic nomad start were people could be insentivised to build close to eatchother or at the points were the waves arives (Bridges forrest clearings) and defend them

also imo i would give them like 15 minutes before they arrive but its from darkage and the waves adapt from low dark age waves to massive imperial waves