Would you like to see divisions in ranking system instead of elo?

The current matchmaking system is very bad in team games. I get to play with people that are 200 elo below me as allies and sometimes as enemies. It is not fun in both ways as the most enjoyable games are when the game is very close. Do you think divisions like in leagues of legends would be a great way to enjoy more the matchmaking? Why all major esports left the elo rating to a division rating? Also why are the devs not dealing with people intentionally leaving games to lower their elo to play against low elo legends.

I hope I dont get bashed or criticized. Thank you.

I don’t know about League of Legends, but I believe both CSGO and Rocket League, for example, still fundamentally use ELO, and the divisions are just labels applied to ranges of ELO. Matchmaking in RL is still ELO based in that when you’re close to a division boundary you can get matched against a different division. The tightness of the spread of ratings in a game is a function of player numbers and the duration of games (shorter games mean players queue more often, meaning the queue has more people in it at any given time, allowing tighter spread of ratings).


Seems like you are talking about team games. Teamgame ratings are currently broken. See this thread:

After a fix the team game ratings will be much better and mainly solve the issue of unbalanced teams.

I dont really see the benefits of divisions, based on the same reasons as @breeminator.