Wrong location for the accent for the "Génie Troops" card

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  • GAME BUILD #: v. 100.13.27885.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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The name of the card which enable grenadiers to build is “Genié Troops”, but the correct name is “Génie Troops”

The accent location is very important (I’m French).

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The card name must be “Génie Troops”.
Same issue in the French version of the game. It’s “Troupe du Génie” and not “Troupe de Genié”.

See the wikipédia page, in French and in English (you can read “Armée du Génie” at the first line in the English page)

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In English

In French

A few other misspellings:

1: The “House of Trastamára” card also have a misplaced accent in English (corrected in Spanish localization). Should be House of Trastámara.


2: The new patch’s Egyptian revolutionary unit, “Khevite Fusilier” should be Khedivate Fusilier. The Khedivate of Egypt was a state ruled by a Khedive.

3: The Ethiopian card “Temenyas” is misspelt. Should be Temenjas. Since its meaning isn’t trivial to find, I’d propose renaming it to “Temenja Rifles” for clarity. This requires a bit explaining.

Not counting this one, the DLC’s Ethiopian civ has 3 words that end with “-nya”. I don’t speak Amharic, but it looks like a word-forming suffix:

  • Neftenya, literally “rifleman”: Wikipedia
  • Zebenya, literally “guard”: Wikipedia on Kebur Zabagna
  • …and Gascenya.

You can’t find the word “gascenya” anywhere outside AoE3. This is because it originates from older, probably Italian accounts, which spelt it gascegna:

  • The term gascegna referred to feudal or tribal warriors

The devs must have realized that “gn” and “ny” are the same consonant /ɲ/, and created the new “gascenya” spelling in an attempt to unify the conventions.

(To be thorough, the “sc” consonant should also become “sh”, since it seems to denote /ʃ/. However, as there’s a dearth of internet sources with any other spelling - outside the possible root word gasha “soldier’s fief”, I think we can allow a “halfway” spelling that resembles the only existing sources.)

Following this, a dev probably saw the word “temenja” for rifle, thought the “j” means the same thing as “y”, and the word has the same suffix as the other 3. So they changed it to “temenya” again for consistency.


But this is not the case. The “j” here actually denotes /dʒ/ - the “jay” consonant in English, written ǧ in strict Amharic transliteration. The word is actually pronounced /tʼəməndʒa/, or “tuh-muhn-jah”.

TL;DR: the “j” in Temenja is a completely different consonant from “nya” in the other 3 words, and should be spelt differently.


Still remain in the current version (v. 100.13.29985.0).

It seems the “Génie Troops” accent has been fixed.

Time for me to make 4 new threads reporting the other misspellings?

The sad issue is, that the localization is outsourced, and the actual devs have nothing to do with it.
If it takes ages to fix these bugs, blame the people who make the translations.

Nice, they put the accent in the right place !

But, in French, they removed the “de”. For no reason. Now the grammar doesn’t make sense :sweat_smile:

933110_20230321180610_1 - Copie

But OK. It’s good enough. I’m not going to complain anymore or they might do even worse.

The sad issue is, that the localization is outsourced, and the actual devs have nothing to do with it.
If it takes ages to fix these bugs, blame the people who make the translations.

We need a more effective discussion channel/category/topics between the community, the devs and the translation teams. I’m afraid creating a topic for each text error won’t help. It’s a bit of a mess (especially if the devs themselves have to send each case one by one to the localization studios).

I would like to compile all the translation French errors in a single subject, with a readable structure and in addition add the in game code number of each problematic texts. I know a bit about modding so I know where to find them. But it takes time.


The period-correct adjective for “of the Khedivate” is Khedivial.

The unit should be named Khedivial Fusilier.


Category:American people in the khedivial Egyptian Army

Khedivial Opera House