Wrong Matmaching!

This game Matmaching system doesn’t works correctly.

For this game if player is looking for a MP match, the algorithm only consider that score.

The result is to play against player who are +400 elo rate difference, getting an unplayable game.


ME: MP SCORE: 1100, 1V1 SCORE: 1000
A FRIEND: MP SCORE: 1150, 1V1 SCORE: 1060



OPONENT 1: MP SCORE: 1101, 1V1 SCORE: 1500
OPONENT 2: MP SCORE: 1180, 1V1 SCORE: 1400
OPONENT 3: MP SCORE: 1100, 1V1 SCORE: 1390

The result is a deception of Matmaching.

These players are not in same rating like us.

In my opinion :
The game should consider too the 1v1 score in MP games.
In adittion the 1v1 is the real way to know the level of any opponent.

At the moment Matmaching system doesn’t works correctly.


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You’re assuming that A) People play 1v1s, and don’t only play team games, and B) That they have played enough 1v1s recently that there elo there is actually a realistic reflection of their skill level.

Bad idea.

Teamgames are not the same as 1v1s. What has happend to you could happen under any system: New players (as in, people who started playing teamgames, regardless of their 1v1 experience) will stomp you until they reach their true elo (or get stomped by you if their true elo is below 1k). This is just the system learning how to place your oppnents; a few matches later, it will place them a lot higher and youll never see them again.

Wrong, the only accurate elo that we can use to measure relative skills on this game is the 1x1 elo, as the tg elo can be manipulated just by teaming with stronger players or having bad allies, as result the elo on tgs might not be representative of your true level.

With the current system you can play hundreds or even thousands of games and your elo might still be not accurate compared tot he 1x1 ladder.

And how does the 1v1 rating show the ability of coordinating with other players? Oh rigth! It doesnt!

Your point about teamgame ratings beeing manipulated also falls flat once you realize that a) this got a lot harder with the new teamgame matchmaking and b) is possible in 1v1 too (even a lot easier depending on what elo we are talking about).

how? this just allows people to smurf
get a low elo 1v1 rating, and it will never change when playing team games but keep stomping lower rated players

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You can always modify in a way that the 1v1 weightage is a decaying fraction so that the fewer the number of games played in the last few months, lower is the weightage for it.

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With the number of changes that have really improved TG matchmaking over time, I really wouldn’t get my heart set on it.

Its a good to have kind of thing not a necessity obviously, but the small fraction of games that faces such mismatch at mid elos will get rectified. And overall it will be a better experience for tg players.