WTF is going on with Arabia?

No woodlines, ridiculous hills everywhere so you can’t place buildings, pathetic thin woodlines with water behind them. I like open maps but this is ridiculous. Seems like right now we only have the choice between FC boom prison maps / FC fish boom water maps and Socotra 2.0 giant edition with hills, sorry I mean Arabia…


The anti-wallers and anti-boomer players kept crying and crying and this is what you get. They demanded more and more nerfs to walls and more and more open maps. The game these days seems to be more appealing to Twitch Streamers who love raiding constantly. It used to be more rewarding to have a big wall and have more foolish players scratch at your walls of doom.


I’m actually really liking the current Arabia gens. It doesn’t seem to be too frustrating with the woodlines/elevation yet, and I love the change to only Middle Eastern or African themes, that made the map much more enjoyable to me (I really dislike some of the other map themes, like the Asian/Jungle/generic European ones, only these two, Mediterranean and the birch style European are ones I like).


Aesthetically the new Arabia looks very nice. Especially the wood accumulations and ponds.


Current Arabia is fine in my opinion. From my point of view it’s supposed to be open, harsh, and awkward (though it’s not even that extreme at the moment).

And it’s not comparable to Socotra in any way. Socotra is a very different map for obvious reasons. I personally dislike Socotra.


I am confused. For me, current arabia too closed according to previous one. Spawm points closer; but, relic locations and hills too stupid. There is no place to build tc, always a hole between building etc.

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I begged to the devs to not implement memb’s arabia one more time to the ranked games, it was a disaster last time they did, too many months playing hill and woodless arabia version, we are not playing the tournament and even if we want those events are locked to the same top 16, meanwhile thousands of players gets affected, instead the devs should have added kotd arabia as another dev pick so the pro player would have the chance to practice and we the plebs wouldn’t be affected or harmed in any way.

I almost lost a game where i had double the vills cause of the huge mountain in front of my base exactly where the golds were below, woodlines were too far away, instead of arabia i changed it to nomad cause those ecoless push on hills are even stronger than arena FI pushes.


I understand that you don’t want tournament maps to replace the standard Arabia, but hasn’t Arabia always been about playing to your map, recognizing hills and protecting the key areas? Couldn’t you just drop an early defensive tower (or even castle) on that hill? I don’t know how the game went. It just seems to me like a typical Arabia situation.

The sort of players who complain about maps being too open are the players who like to play greedy, they wall, go up to castle age and 3 TC boom and they don’t put villagers on stone until they have that third TC. When they lose to a scout rush, a castle drop or a knight rush, they then blame the map.

This is all despite the fact that that straight FC has a 55% win rate and is still a very valid tactic with the changes to Arabia. But people will always complain if their strategies are nerfed, even if they were overpowered

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Unless it’s an extremely rare map gen with back gold which is easy to wall, I typically small wall + wall sideways to the TC to play aggressive in Feudal and I don’t like the current Arabia. It doesn’t need to be like Runestones but the hills and water on some of the maps is ridiculous. Distance to nearest woodlines is often an issue too. If they want to include water, it should be elsewhere on the map, not in your base on your woodlines.

Then as the person above me said, couldn’t you just tower your problematic woodline or goldline to defend it?

You can, and I often do, but a tower can put you behind in economy if the Goth player doesn’t spend or sell his 200 stone in Feudal and saves it for TCs.

If you are playing against Goths, you generally don’t want to try and outboom them anyway. You want to get your army upgraded and wipe them out in castle when they are weakest.
Also, if you are playing heavy feudal pressure, you should have time to pick up the 125 stone you spent on the way up to castle age.

Yeah true, I’m not sure why I mentioned Goths, I think I got confused with the threads because I was replying to the Goths topic at the same time

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I was about to start the same thread.

But I’ve a feeling that Arabia changed in this patch to a different setup… even playing against IA, the map generation feels weird: too open, thin exposed wood lines, sheep too far from TC.

Before this patch, the map generation was better, allowing both feudal aggression (if you were fast) or defensive play.


I like current Arabia generation.
It’s open enough to punish fast castle attempts. But “closed” enough to partially secure my starting position with some walls.
Secondary and third gold and stone are located reasonably too.

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Relax, its there because of Kotd-5. It will go away in a month.

Oh poor man, last kotd4 map replaced arabia for 11 months.

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Woodlines though? Not just their distance from TC and
thin patches around water spawns, but also they’re often on hills, which is awkward regardless of their angle of elevation. If the woodline is higher up, the villager collection is awkward, with more villagers bumping and stuttering. And if the woodline is lower, it has the same problem + downhill attack bonus for the enemy.

But pond always behind wood and woodline is very thin it is not very nice