Wth the release of AOM Retold Its time for the devs to update AOE 3 DE!

The release of AOM Retold is almost here, just around the corner.
Being done in AOE 3 DE Engine it should bring long awaited fixes to our beloved game like engine updates, performance improvements, pathfinding fixes, animation. lightning, model reworks and so on!


I hope and I bet that is possible to get some improvments, like UI on MP and Capture Age on 3


If they get the capture age team working on an observer UI, that will be great. Hope the upgrades are back ported to aoe3de.


I think it’s possible to add some AoM stuff to AoE 3 - especially textures (snow-covered roofs are awesome).

I’m very hyped about AOM. I enjoyed it far more than the “timeless classic” game back then. Retold seems to be in a direction I like.

But considering WE would very likely allow another game and its playerbase ## #### on AOE3 (which will of course be omitted in every “franchise” event) freely brings me down sometimes.

Trust me they won’t talk about aoe3 at all in aom release news

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“AOE2 players would find AOMR very familiar. But unlike AOE2, we are using a different engine, which is 3D and has been specially updated for the game.”


I wonder where this engine was used before X D


We’re pretending AoE3 doesn’t exist again? I wonder what the reaction will be when people realize a bunch of stuff they complain about in AoE3 came first in AoM.


Many of the improvements from this game could be carried over to AOE-3 DE. Such as the movement of the units that is supposed to be better, and the improvements in performance with some graphic improvements.


Thats what I am talking about!

That would be pretty amazing as well.
I like the idea of an observer UI and overall UI updates and fixes!


Yes, I agree…they can put a lot of things in there…

Yes, at least now AoM has a chance to shine again…

Yes, World Edge is like Valve… for them there is no 3…