Xbox AoE II DE all campaigns locked

For some reason, I can’t load any games. If I try to, I get the message “You do not own this DLC”. If I go into campaigns to start a new campaign, ALL of them are locked including the base game campaigns and if I select one, I am taken to the Xbox Store to buy the Deluxe Bundle even though I already own all content currently available for the game. Which means the entire game is literally unplayable right now.

I’m also not the only one experiencing this. Apparently it does not affect the PC version. Only Xbox. PLEASE fix this!


Having pretty much the same issue trying to play PvP. Says all civs are locked and brings me to the same page as you. Tried reinstalling. No fix

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Also having the same issue. Re-installed and its not fixing it.

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I’m having the same problem last night it happened, I messed with it for a second and they came back, but it’s not working tonight

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It’s an issue with Xbox Services, they’ll fix it eventually.

Is it really? Because it happens even when you disconnect the console from the internet so that it doesn’t even have access to Xbox’s online services.

Yes but you were connected when the issue happened.

Fair enough. Do you know when it might be fixed?

I hope soon, it is not affecting only AoE but other games too.

Ah, well I really appreciate the response. More than you know.


I’ve been having the same issue tonight as well. They really need to fix it soon before they kill off some of the player base, when matches are already hard to find sometimes. The only campaign it lets me play is the one from my last auto save. Not even the dlc civs I bought are unlocked atm.

It seems to have fixed for me when I decided to randomly check it a couple hours ago.