Xbox aoe2 crashing in ranked

Wednesday we are playing with my xbox-friends in ranked multiplayer and it was ok.
Thursday we trying to play around 5 ranked matches and EVERY match some of us got crashed game without any errors. (3 games crushed 2 of us, in one game crushed 3of3, in one game looks like our enemy take this bug and randomly leave game before any fight)
Xbox series x and series s. Xbox last update, game last update.

After that we’ve trying to plan vs bot and game not crashed.

What can it be?

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Hello @Doctorpwnz
Do these crashes close the game completely? Do they freeze the game?
When you had these crashes on ranked, did you have crossplay enabled or were you playing against other console players?


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, these crashes closes the game completely. Before closing the game freezed.
Crossplay is disabled, I’m playing against console players.
Yesterday, when the game crashed again, I had time to push screenrecord button on gamepad and got video before crush game:

Yesterday this bug happened again. Can’t finish no one game in ranked matchmaking after the latest patch. Every time game crashes in 30-60 min

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Looks like the problem is in graphic settings.
Cause our friend with xbox series s have no crashes, she uses simple graphic preset HIGH.

On series x we were on VERY HIGH preset.

When we change preset from VERY HIGH to HIGH on series x and play 2 games between us +bot, game wasn’t crashed.
ALL previous games these weeks between me + 2 friends were crashed on 2 xbox series x. Xbox series s - no crash.

Since the update my game keeps crashing midgame and costing me rank points. Getting well over it to the point its starting to ruin the game for me. This happening to many others?

Ever since the update on Xbox I can even start a quick play or ranked just crashes instantly

Did you try lowering graphics?

Ii put it at the lowest setting turned pf crossppay, uninstalled, cleared data and stopped sync. One at a line of course. I can’t think of anything else to do

Do you have a different drive to install it on?