XBOX: Ayyubid's Dervish is selected as a military unit

I play on the series X and the Ayyubid’s Dervish is selected as a military unit from the “D-Pad” military command. When I hold the “D-pad” to select every available military, the Dervish is selected. Other civs religious units are not selected from military command.

Having the dervish being selected from the “d-pad all military command” is extremely annoying because:

It will pull them from grabbing relics.

It will send them to the front lines to die if I attack a building or unit.

From my experience, religious units from various civs are inconsistent if they’re selected in the military d-pad command.

The dervish should not be considered a military unit because it’s not an offensive unit. It’s not like the Warrior monk or the Shaolin monk.

Only monks with offensive capabilities should be considered military units by the selecting military commands.