XBOX doble Y problem

Hello. I have a question. The game has a shortcut to the Y button - double-clicking switches the villager to wall construction mode. I used it. But after a certain point it stopped working. Double tapping now invokes house placement . What could I have broken and how to return the wall construction mode to double Y ? Sorry for my English.

House is default now if select your villager hold y and use d-pad you can change it to y. my problem y icon goes away don’t know if that setting problem or a glitch

Now A button is on last command so depending on setting if toggle or hold I prefer hold since I bring last command without bring up wheel. Click vilager click RT and click A he build last thing

Yes, I know about it, but there was also a separate mode for double Y . It’s in the game itself in the tutorial. Help Index - Skills - Y shortcuts - Build wall shortcut

been trying to figure this out but cant get it to work, it would be so useful

Are u sure if u hold #### # it bring scroll for houses, stone, wall or gate or wood wall or gate