Xbox Games Showcase

Hey folks,

I know that we probably won’t hear anything related to AoEIV or even AoM Retold in today’s event, but what are your thoughts on this? Is there a chance? Would be a good place to announce future expansion for AoEIV or even show game-play for AoM Retold no?

Expecting a short portion for AoM: Retold, but most of it will be focused on other upcoming titles. Would be very stoked to see more than that for aoe though!

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That’s probably most likely what’s going to happen sadly, they will probably just announce a new DLC for AoEIV just like they did with the previous one, on the internet.

AoM Retold I am hoping for some game-play reveal, and it makes more sense to show it today. Time will tell! Just like you I would be super happy to see them speak about AoEIV today :slight_smile: