Xbox live error

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: 5438859
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: LuxStar12

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

I cannot sign in to Xbox live. I entered my password correctly and it gave me this error. There is no option to try to sign in again, every time I click the “Sign in to Xbox live” in the game, it gives me this error.

I have sucessfully logged in to the account on both my main browser and the microsoft browser/xbox live page outside of the game.

There is no option other than cancel which closes the box. I have tried all the troubleshooting like rebooting, closing/opening the game/refreshing etc. Nothing has fixed it. I would prefer not to uninstall the game as I don’t particularly want to risk losing data.

Every AOE2DE event I seem to run into an issue with the game connecting to Xbox live. It never stays signed in to my account and always has some kind of error logging in, although the previous occasions it gave me the sign in page again. Sadly this time all I get is this error and so far I have found no way to fix it.

I would like to play the Summer event but if I cannot get the game to connect to Xbox live it will be pointless trying to get any of the other achievements.

Please can someone help? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Still getting this error, even with the event round 2.

I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting listed on the support page and nothing has fixed it.

So far I have tried:

  • using a different steam account,
  • signing in to xbox/microsoft account in different browsers,
  • setting my default browser as a different browser,
  • clearing cookies/cache/data, reinstalling the game,
  • manually adding xbox/microsoft to allow Javascript,
  • using the link from the AOE2DE Xbox sign in box copied into the browser,
  • deleting several xbox cache related files on my PC,
  • verifying integrity of game files,
  • being signed in to xbox companion then launching game,
  • launching game through xbox companion.

None of the things above have made any difference to this error. I am permanently stuck with “something went wrong error”

I still have not been able to play the events, if I’m unable to unlock the main achievement of “login to xbox live” this makes all the other achievements pointless to obtain, as the rewards will not remain after the event.

It’s very frustrating and confusing. Please can someone help?

I’d really appreciate some help with this :slight_smile:

Since last week i have problem with “signing into xbox live” error and i have tried all of suggested fixes in aoe support page still i have this problem

i purchased game in steam and im not sure what is the problem. but maybe our problem is related.

having a similar problem with the in game launcher and script errors.
did you resolve it?