Xbox Live Sync Issue

I cannot start a single player or a multi player game. It just says after clicking on one of the buttons in the main menu: “Bitte warten sie noch einen Moment. Das Synchronisieren läuft noch mit XBOX Live.” or in English: “Please wait a moment. Syncing is still running on XBOX Live.” It says this for the last 6 hours. Very annoying. Am I the only one with this problem? Any hints?

Hi @“Todward der 1”, Have you tried troubleshooting Xbox Live sync using the instructions provided in the AoE:DE Support FAQ?

Hey @rhrmn !
Yes I did find that page actually. But the error message i get is not mentionend there.
It says on the support page: “I can launch the game, but I just see “You must sign in to continue” or “Can’t sync with Xbox Live” on the title screen.” Theese are different error messages.
Nevertheless I did recommended steps there.
If I remeber correctly the problem is there since i updated Windows 10.

I think I will try the “None of this worked/My question isn’t answered here!” section :neutral:

Hi @Todward_der_1,
if you’re still reading this: Have you managed to solve your problem? I have exactly the same issue for two weeks now (and also with the German version). About two months ago (could be that it was at the same time when you posted your question) the issue appeared the first time, but it disappeared a week later. This time it doesn’t seem to do so. I also contacted the Microsoft support twice, but they don’t answer me. Have you any hints for me? Or anyone else?


I have the same problem (also with the german version). Is there anyone with a solution!